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  1. Amoradala

    Gaddafi’s ‘Man Made River’

    We were told that Gaddafi was a monster - they didn't tell us about was his self funded infrastructure project called the ‘Man Made River’. It was going to bring water from under the desert to the surface at great financial cost to Gaddafi. It was estimated that this would bring the whole of...
  2. Amoradala

    Peripheral Vision Car Plume

    I ask this question because I see this often but have never asked anyone else about it. When I am waiting at traffic lights in my car (for instance) as the cars drive past in front of me I can perceive a plume of light rising up from the rear of the car. I can’t see it directly, but by looking...
  3. Amoradala

    Mrs Jackson's house

    When I was around nine or ten, my dad took me to visit Mrs Jackson's house. Mrs Jackson was the elderly mother of one of my dads friends, and I knew her because she would babysit for my brother and I occasionally. I remember sitting in her kitchen, drinking orange squash and hearing the...
  4. Amoradala

    Hey, I see them too!

    Just saw this on liveleak. It is billed as "man tripping on mushrooms freaks out" or something. It shows a naked man (probably on drugs) running out of his flat with a torch, and he seems to be trying to find or see something around him. The thing is - there are some points of light (other...