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  1. Spudrick68

    Photograph Your Bookshelf

    It's always good to have a nosey at someone else's bookshelf. This is a small section of one of mine and like many, I suspect in here, have many more boxed up somewhere.
  2. Spudrick68

    Help Requested!

    I do not expect anything from this but hey ho, lets give it a go. I would like to move with the times and attempt to sell digital products online. As a base line of skills I have quite a solid knowledge of public domain material from stuff like many of us enjoy on here. What I lack is the...
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    Fortean Travel

    Please move this if there is a similar thread. I just wondered about places that people had visited of Fortean interest perhaps to share their experiences of such places. We went to Parga a few years ago and loved it (we are going back this May). I thought I'd share a few photos of places of...
  4. Spudrick68

    Dog thefts

    We may be getting a dog in a few months and I can't help noticing posts on Facebook with pictures on people in vans saying watch out for these dog thieves. While slightly worrying it alarms me how easily people share such posts without ever thinking that perhaps the person in the van is innocent...
  5. Spudrick68

    Walter Haut

    Please move this as I have little knowledge of this area. How much credence does this blokes claims hold?
  6. Spudrick68

    Underwater & Undersea Rivers (Distinct Submerged Streams Or Bodies Of Water) ... e-angelita This is amazing, please move it of it needs to be elsewhere. It's a river that flows at the bottom of the sea.
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    Celebrity Ghost Stories query.

    I had been recording 'Celebrity Ghost Stories' from the Bio channel recently. I listen to them when I'm working on the computer. There was one that I actually turned around to watch rather than listen to. Perhaps anyone from the U.S. could find the location of the old prison? The actor...
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    Currently reading 'In Search of the Unknown' by D. Scott Rogo. I was interested to read his experiments with Blue Harary in relation to OOBE's. He postulates that Harary may be utilizing ozone in order to project. Is this the basis of 'ghost hunters' using negative ion generators? Also...
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    I recall hearing from some celebrity a couple of years ago that, having tried to conquer Europe twice through war, Germany are now trying to do it politically & economically. Yesterday I read of Patrick Moore basically saying the same thing. There was also an alleged quote from a German general...
  10. Spudrick68

    Re-Wiring Your Brain While Dreaming

    I seem to remember something similar in a previous topic (please move if necessary). I have a common theme with a lot of my dreams, which I'm pretty sure relates to a lifelong theme of getting near a goal, but not reaching it. Most of them involve me getting ready to do something that would be...
  11. Spudrick68


    A friend posted on Facebook that her daughter insisted that you cannot gag if you touch your elbow! She claims to have tried it and it works. I have no idea where this child got this from, or how she 'discovered' it!
  12. Spudrick68

    Ouija board polt activity.

    Someone at work has had a word with me today. He said his girlfriend messed about with a ouija board with a friend at their house last week. He tells me that they now have stuff happening. He has had knocks on his bedroom door, with no one there. He has also had cupboard doors open after he has...
  13. Spudrick68


    ...I've been reading around about the ouija board recently and during my Googling found out about a forthcoming film called "I Am Zozo". There are questions dating back a couple of years asking if this Zozo demon is real. I know that a previous film exists called Zozo. There is also a clip on...
  14. Spudrick68


    OK I'm quite a serious arachnophobe. I think I picked it up off my mum when I was a kid. I've been thinking about it again because I had a conversation with a bloke at work about the bird eating spider. He mentioned attempts to find the chicken eating spider. I'm not as bad as I used to be...
  15. Spudrick68

    Audience reactions on TV programmes.

    I wasn't sure where to put this, so please feel free to move it to an appropriate thread if needed. I came home from work tonight and put the TV on. For some reason I was reminded of watching (I'm ashamed actually) or rather seeing Blind Date with Cilla Black!!!! At the end of the programme...
  16. Spudrick68

    The Afterlife Experiments

    I have just finished reading about this, being from the U.K. I knew little about it beforehand. But having been featured on the HBO channel, those from the U.S. may be more aware of it. On balanceI can see that the intention of the experiment is honest enough, but that it did suffer from flaws...
  17. Spudrick68

    Debbie Harry & No Knickers!

    In 1977 a friend of mine (amongst others) went to see Blondie at Lancaster uni. I recall her saying "she was a dirty bitch, she wore a t-shirt and no knickers. I had forgotten about it until I recently saw a photo of Debbie Harry wearing a t shirt and thought "oh my god, she really isn't wearing...
  18. Spudrick68

    Killing Joke

    I'm a bit amazed that they have never featured in FT. They have a new album out called "Absolute Dissent", all their songs are about the coming armageddon, because the earth is messed up with our greed and stupidity. They have always had references to magic and the Book of Revelations in their...
  19. Spudrick68

    Holiday UL's.

    I was talking to someone at work a while ago and we were talking about holidays. He was telling me of things that he knows happens in some Spanish resorts. He says that gangs go around and will put a plastic fastener over your wrist and pull it tight. If you don't give them X amount of Euros...
  20. Spudrick68

    St Patricks Chapel, Heysham

    I am currently writing a guide to walking ghostly Lancaster & Morecambe and was looking for some info on St Patricks Chapel, Heysham. I found this following link: ... stern.html I thought I recognised the bearded face from somewhere, then I realised...
  21. Spudrick68

    The Macho Being a Closet Gay UL?

    I was out drinking with quite a few friends a couple of years ago and I recall saying at one point that whileI have no issues with people who are homosexual (indeed, some of my best friends are!), the idea of kissing another man makes me el ill. My female friend then told me I was a liar. I...
  22. Spudrick68

    Potential investigation.

    I very loosely run a group who investigate allegedly paranormal phenomenon. I say loosely as we don't activley seek investigation but will persue those that come to us personally. A female I work with was casually talking to me and the subject of ghosts came up. During the conversation she...
  23. Spudrick68

    Ancelloti saw ghost at Milans ground.

    Just saw this on BBC Sport bit. ... 72775.html
  24. Spudrick68

    Using the word forteana in a book title.

    I am currently writing e books on the paranormal and unexplained. I never mention anything about it on here because that is part of my business and this is my pleasure, and I never mix the two. The question I have is; is it acceptable to use the word forteana in a book title or would that incur...
  25. Spudrick68

    Crap ghost photo!

    This is from Paranormal magazine. ... on-camera/
  26. Spudrick68

    PNE/Blackburn Rovers coffin

    Just thought I'd share this local tradition with people. Bamber Bridge lies a few miles outside of Preston. Its location is such that it tends to be divided between Preston North End and Blackburn Rovers fans. Every time either club gets promoted or relegated the tradition of 'raising the...
  27. Spudrick68

    Just watched bio channel.

    It has a new series of people telling their ghost stories, so I thought i'd watch some rubbish TV. All the cases were American, but one showed a photo from a building which has been turned into a museum. They claim a photographer took a photo of the staircase when no one was there. In the photo...
  28. Spudrick68

    Knicker thief reveals his life behind bars.

    this is a follow up to a counsellor who was caught dancing around a womans bedroom in her underwear! ... s_1_923195
  29. Spudrick68

    'Psychic Octopus' Predicts Spain Will Reach World Cup Semi-Finals

    The fact that there is a coloured flag and that an octopus is a very intelligent creature has no influence in the matter. Good story though!
  30. Spudrick68

    Looking for a link on Hampton Court Palace

    I apologise in advance for being a technical Luddite. :? I am currently writing an E-book and remember a number of years ago a full investigation of alleged paranormal activity at Hampton Court Palace. They had all the techinical equipment that was needed. Needless to say, they didn't find...
  31. Spudrick68

    Warning E-mails

    I am getting tired of receiving E-mails telling me "Do not open an e-mail which is titled... It will come from a friend. It will burn the entire contents of your C drive." etc... "Send it to everyone you know. It is better to receive this message 25 times than not receive it." I'm not an I.T...
  32. Spudrick68

    Predicted London Disasters That Didn't Happen

    A while ago I managed to get all 13 original volumes of The Unexplained off E-bay for a tenner and have slowly been reading through them. I have been reading about a bloke, 'Paul Grant', who was hypnotised and 'taken forward' to 1981 and asked to described the events of 1979 to 1980. He...
  33. Spudrick68

    Can I ask a question...

    I have heard from various sources that in medieval times forward people drank beer because water was not guaranteed to be safe and they would get nutrients from the beer. Maybe I am being simple here, but if beer us a diuretic, how did they get sufficient liquid into their system?
  34. Spudrick68

    Going to see Gordon Smith

    At Preston Guild Hall on March 10th. My wife bought me tickets to see both Derek Acorah and Sally Morgan. Although I greeted both with a 'thanks' and an internal sigh. But it was interesting for me to watch two people cold reading live. I am interested in Gordon Smith because I know that he is...
  35. Spudrick68

    This may sound wierd but...

    I'm a really sound sleeper, never have nightmares, am pretty chilled out without any major worries. For the second time in six months recently, I've been asleep sometimes around 4 - 5AM when i've felt a real panic coming on. I started whimpering (apparently) and eventually woke up screaming...
  36. Spudrick68

    Father Christmas

    I remember when I was a kid trying to lie awake to hear Santas sleighbells in our roof (which was sloped!) I remember wanting to see Santa, but at the same time thinking that he was actually a bit scary. I don't know if that makes sense or if anyone esle remembers thinking that. Of course as a...
  37. Spudrick68

    Mischief Night

    I've just had a conversation with my wife and we disagreed with when Mischief Night was, so I looked it up on the internet. According to Wickipedia it is the night before Halloween in the U.S. but the night before Bonfire Night in the U.K. I was brought up in Preston and my wife in Manchester...
  38. Spudrick68

    Ghost silly season is here.

    this link is from the Sunday Express. ... s-on-film- It allegedly shows a ghost. Isn't it amazing how the ghost only appears when a car is travelling from the top of the screen to the bottom with its headlights on?[/url]
  39. Spudrick68

    UAP's over Preston?

    Just read the PNE Footy Mad page and saw someone post this. Wondered if anyone else knew anything about it? ... 2124262425[/url] The link says the topic isn't there, but it is. It is titles @Please tell [email protected]
  40. Spudrick68

    Unborn baby gives the 'V' sign to parents.

    This gave me a laugh: ... :shock:
  41. Spudrick68

    UV & The Paranormal?

    I have been musing over what many 'psychics' say when they try to describe what they see/hear. They mostly state the the energy of these 'beings' vibrates too fast for us to witness. As far as I'm aware the lowest level of energy vibration comes from radio waves and the highest in the visible...
  42. Spudrick68

    What to do in Manchester on halloween?

    I am planning to get away with my wife for a couple of nights around halloween and am looking for some inspiration as to what suitably spooky activity we can do on halloween. If any Mancunian out there has any good ideas any help would be greatly appreciated. :D
  43. Spudrick68

    Andrew Peake

    A couple of years ago I bought a book from a bargain book shop, 'What Happens When We Die' by Andrew Peake. Whilst highly impressed I was not in a position to make a critique of the evidence he cited, but I was impressed with it. I have just bought his second book 'The Dameon'. I just wondered...
  44. Spudrick68

    Quick question.

    I don't really know much about UFO stuff but I'm curious about a light i saw in the night sky a few nights ago. I was walking back from the shop and saw a white light travel across the sky in a smooth motion, in a straight line. It was bigger than any star, it couldn't have been a plane as there...
  45. Spudrick68

    Ideas please

    I have included a photo from a security camera which is cited on top of the pub sign situated at the side of the pub in question. It was around 10 past 3 in the morning, the couple were awoken by a loud noise from outside the pub and thought they were being broken into. He went to have a look to...
  46. Spudrick68

    Zener cards

    Hello, I wonder if some kind person could point me in the right direction? I am in the process of setting up my own internet shop and have often wanted to buy some Zener cards. I have thought about having my own produced in the future, but do not know if the name and card designs themselves are...
  47. Spudrick68

    Ghost caught on video at Salmesbury Hall

    This link is from the Lancashire Evening Post. I generally only get it for the football news (PNE), but saw this and thought I'd post the link from LEP's website: ...
  48. Spudrick68

    T C Lethbridge & Dowsing

    I'm hoping to conduct a group experiment in the spring based on T C Lethbridge's tests indicating that pendulums of certain lengths will detect certain types of items. For those who don't know, he reckoned 40 inches was the limit, beyond 40 inches was beyond this dimension. It will be...
  49. Spudrick68

    Folllowing Up Old Research

    I didn't know where to put this so I stuck it here. I bought all 13 volumes of the original magazine part series 'The Unexplained' recently from E-bay, and I have slowly been ploughing through it. I am finding a lot of what appears to heve been promising leads but don't see able to follow them...
  50. Spudrick68

    Haunted Miley Tunnel, Preston

    Hello, this is my first post on here so please be gentle with me :!: I come from Preston originally and the remains of a long disused railway line are still present. The line ran from Preston railway station and up past Red Scar Industrial estate and up to Longridge to the North. A tunnel runs...