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  1. Cultjunky

    Calling all Techies!

    OK, I admit it, I dropped my laptop. It was all my fault. So, I sent her away for repair, and when my baby came back, she seems to be carrying a war wound. I've had issues with applications freezing (inc Windows), although that seems to have improved a lot. I've run virus checks, defrag...
  2. Cultjunky

    Graphic Novels

    I've just finished reading my first graphic novel - The House that Groaned, by Karrie Fransman. As I say, it's my first, so I'm not sure what to make of it. It didn't fit with any of my preconceived ideas about graphic novels, such as having a sci fi element, although it was heavy on the...
  3. Cultjunky


    So now to add to my woes, you've put an Elvis song on loop in my head, a song I only know the first four lines to. Talk about kicking a duck when she's down :wink:
  4. Cultjunky

    Ad Tastic

    I posted and the place has gone ad mad!!! All the subject icons have that 'missing image' box And it looks like I have the wrong settings. Mmm, is it just an update?
  5. Cultjunky

    Genuine Mediums and the like

    Well, I've taken PMs advice and started the thread about the time a medium/psychic predicted something that came true. Many moons ago, myself and a few mates had a psychic evening, where a card reader came round to the house and read the cards for all five of us during the course of the...
  6. Cultjunky

    PM or Search Member issue

    Hi Guys, I just tried searching a member to PM them, and returned no results. Equally I tried searching for a thread about this, no results. I get the wildcard thang, so for once, I'm not the blond, lol. Anyho, having made a public statement, it's no biggie, I was just trying to be...
  7. Cultjunky

    I Might be Blond

    I hope this thread becomes a repository for questions users feel stupid asking. Otherwise...well let's talk about someone other than me. :oops: I usually come into the forum a few time's a day, always searching 'posts since my last visit'. I've done done a double click thing...
  8. Cultjunky

    Extinct Dog Kills Woman

    Well, the beeb has gone all Fortean today, but missed some great opportunities for Fortean Headlines. The first was a report featuring someone suffering from Foreign Voice Syndrome (Sorry, can't find a link to the interview), closely followed by 'Extinct dog kills woman'...
  9. Cultjunky

    My First UFO, Or Not!

    Having read descriptions of various sightings that amount to Chinese lanterns, last night, about 10pm, I saw four orange coloured orbs in the sky, and immediately assumed that they were Chinese lanterns. It seemed such an obvious conclusion that I wonder how they could be mistaken for...
  10. Cultjunky

    Breaking News Section

    Not sure if anyone else has noticed this, but the most recent breaking news is from 18 dec 2009 Or is it just me? :?: