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  1. Loquaciousness

    Proud Mummy Moment

    SO.... This is what my offspring did this Summer. A whole day's filming for this little video. Mine's the one in red.
  2. Loquaciousness

    Things I Don't Give a Rat's Arse About

    ...... but everyone keeps talking about. (Self explanatory thread). My starter for ten is : Pippa Middleton's Wedding.
  3. Loquaciousness

    Goat With Anxiety Calms When Dressed As Duck

    I offer you this story with no comment...... More here
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    The Humber Stone

    I have lived in Leicestershire for almost 20 years but only recently became aware of the Humber Stone - and went and visited it as a result. There is some debate about what it is, but most agree that it was deposited during the ice age. There is also a myth that it is cursed, and its history...
  5. Loquaciousness

    This picture proves that Jesus was a time traveller

    ...or does it? Crazy claim THIS picture is proof Jesus travelled through time and brought back satellite CONSPIRACY theorists...
  6. Loquaciousness

    Professor chose not to have children because they would be white

    I slightly changed the version of the headline that is used in this article - I am not entirely sure why her being a Professor is important, but I have only included it because the article did. Anyway, the headline basically says it all. I am not sure what to think really. I am just sharing...
  7. Loquaciousness

    Diagnosis made by hallucinatory voices

    The full article in the British Medical Journal can be found here, you can get free access to the site for 14 days. The summary is taken from Top 15 Bizarre True Stories compiled by one of FT's very own editors in 2007. This can be found here...
  8. Loquaciousness

    Shall We Run Our Own Experiment?

    The suggestion is just as above. Shall we run our own experiment? Maybe one on remote viewing? It should be fairly simple to set up and run and I don't mind developing the procedure, running it and then evaluating the stats. So who's up for it?
  9. Loquaciousness

    What happens to a sheep that is not shorn?

    Well here's your answer - meet Shrek the sheep who escaped being shorn for six long years. I guess that wool just keeps on growing....
  10. Loquaciousness

    FT 331

    Always wanted to be the first to say - mine arrived this morning. Not had a chance to read it yet though.
  11. Loquaciousness

    Meet the Radium Girls

    "Between the years 1917 and 1926, a U.S. corporation manufacturing watches hired 70 women from Essex County, New Jersey. Not even a decade later, nearly 50 of those women had died due to direct contact with radium paint, which ate away at their bones. The “Radium Girls,” as they were called...
  12. Loquaciousness

    Crowd Prediction

    I have finally got round to reading the copy of Paranormal Review that I am sent as a member of SPR. Anyway, in it is a very interesting article by Ron Pearson and the concept of crowd prediction. The idea is that when enough people try and predict something, like the weight of an ox, or the...
  13. Loquaciousness

    Not Very Interesting Things That Happened Today

    Today I grated my knuckle whilst grating cheese - it bled and hurt. It now has a teddybear plaster on it ( as I could only find kid ones ).
  14. Loquaciousness

    I Remember It Well....

    Another thread got me thinking about things that were very different when I was younger. These include : 1. One landline phone located in the hall. 2. Black and white TV. 3. First colour TV, which required that you got up and pressed a button to change channels. 3. Pong. 4. Our first video...
  15. Loquaciousness

    Warwick Castle: White Mist

    I would like people's opinions on this video : It was taken during a 'lock in', earlier this year at a night time ghost hunt in Warwick Castle, in the bear tower. There is just myself and Lisa, and we decided to take some pictures and take some video...
  16. Loquaciousness

    Leslie Flint

    Apologies if this has been covered before, but I did a search and found nothing on the forum. Anyway, I am currently reading "Tell your mother I'm not dead" - an interesting book by Trevor Hamilton who went looking for evidence that his son had in some way survived death. As part of his...
  17. Loquaciousness

    Orbs & Mists (Again... Sorry )

    So, as those of you who are familiar with my posts will know we have had some paranormal activity in our house previously. We are currently turning the back of the garage into a sewing studio and as it is being done at weekends, at the end of every weekend I like to take pictures to document...
  18. Loquaciousness

    Somerton Man: The Tamam Shud Mystery

    I was reading this story at the GP's yesterday and just wondered what everyone else's take was on it. Apologies for the wiki link, but this summarises the story best .
  19. Loquaciousness

    Voices in the house and other happenings

    Basically, this all started in March of last year. We had returned that day from an exhausting 400 mile round trip to attend the funeral of my friend and her two children who died in tragic circumstances. As you can imagine, we were emotional and tired, but strangely also more at peace than we...
  20. Loquaciousness

    Anyone else see anything unusual ?

    I was browsing through houses for sale in the area, and out of curiosity looked at pics of this one, as I used to live right opposite it. It is a building from the 19th century and used to be the headteachers house - in fact I lived opposite in flats built on the site of the old school...