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  1. Xanatic*

    A Coup In Bolivia?

    Now people are trying to pass off the election trouble in Bolivia as a western-backed coup.
  2. Xanatic*

    Turkey: Is It A Trap?

    A short while ago Trump basically gave the green light for Turkey to commit military action in Syria against the kurds. Removing US troops from there. Now he is talking about economic sanctions against Turkey. It also appears some US troops are heading back towards Rojava, and that Iran are...
  3. Xanatic*

    Greta Thunberg

    I'm surprised nobody seems to have mentioned Greta Thunberg, the new poster child for the climate cause. What is interesting is that one of the first people who noticed her protest outside parliament, also happens to be the head of a PR agency. Also how this was just a few days before Thunberg's...
  4. Xanatic*

    When The Soil Had Wings

    I just read of a phenomena today that I don't recall having encountered before. It is cases where people have found a section of soil has suddenly moved by it's own accord. Imagine a giant picking up a flat piece of soil, and depositing it some meters away. It seems to have happened a few times...
  5. Xanatic*

    Books That Will Help You Understand The World

    I was wondering which books people here would recommend, for getting a better idea of how life, the universe and everything works. Personally I liked Dark Nature by Lyall Watson and The Creation of the Middle East by Robert Fisk. Then there is Guns, Germs & Steel by Jared Diamond though I...
  6. Xanatic*

    Horse Eels

    It's only recently that I heard about this cryptid. I wanted to hear people's thoughts on the plausibility of this. As I understand, eels have special bones that means not much is left behind. So I guess we won't find any skulls laying around.
  7. Xanatic*

    Make a wish and try not to catch fire

    When I was growing up, my mother wouldn't allow us to have candles on our birthday cakes. She claimed it was too dangerous, since our hair might catch fire. According to her, it happened all the time that kids showed up at the emergency room for that reason. Has anyone here actually known such...
  8. Xanatic*

    This man seems to just keep dying in terrorist attacks

    For several of the latest terrorist attacks, it seems a particular man's image has shown up repeatedly as victim/perpetrator. France24 has looked into why...
  9. Xanatic*

    The Migrant Conspiracy

    It has been said that you shouldn't attribute to malice that which can be explained by stupidity. However as the last few months have shown, the police and press in several countries have been engaged in a cover-up. The question remains wether they acted on their own initiatives or recieved...
  10. Xanatic*

    Geometric figures in the cosmic microwave background

    Years ago there was some mapping done by NASA of the Cosmic Microwave Background radiation. One thing they found was what appears to be cold areas, in the shape of concentric circles. For those of you who read Contact by Carl Sagan, that might make you sit up and take notice. I was wondering...
  11. Xanatic*

    What's The Most Outrageous Conspiracy Theory You Have Heard?

    In another thread, someone was talking about the moon landing hoax. It is of course wrong, but I can see how it could be done and the motivation for it. Other conspiracy theories seem to have no such things. For me I think it would have to be the theory that the Moon doesn't exist at all. That...
  12. Xanatic*

    Why Didn't the Disciples Recognise Jesus?

    Accordin to the books of the New Testament, when the disciples went to the grave of Jesus, they didn't recognise him at first. They thought he was the local gardener or similar. As if he had physically changed or disguised himself. Wether the resurrection is a real event or a made up story, that...
  13. Xanatic*

    Giant minion attacks traffic in Ireland

    “I’m not sure how it got loose but I just saw it coming loose and flying across the road as we were driving,” Erin Van Londen, from Portmarnock, said. “It’s been very windy in the area.” A motorist’s wing mirror was damaged by the escaped inflatable, and the incident caused traffic problems...
  14. Xanatic*

    Baby found in the grave of 17th century bishop

    This is right in my neighbourhood. I might swing by, see if they will let you look at the corpse. For almost 350 years Bishop Peder Winstrup lay quietly in his coffin in the crypt of the magnificent cathedral at Lund in Sweden, concealing a secret: the body of a tiny baby, tucked in under his...
  15. Xanatic*

    Woman Finds Her Doppelgänger

    A group of people attempted to see if they could use social media to find people who looked just like them. One of them found her, living just an hour away. I wonder if their life stories are also similar. I apparently have a doppelganger in Dublin as well, though I never met him...