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  1. Austin Popper

    Help Identifying A Sci-Fi Book?

    Maybe someone here will know this weird little novel, the title and author of which escape me. Years ago, Mrs. Popper brought home some books from a library sale or something. In the pile was this strange nutball work of fiction that I've been unable to locate. It was a small paperback with an...
  2. Austin Popper

    Missing Miles

    In about 1976, I had a time slip, glitch in the matrix, or just some "missing miles". I was on my way home late at night, from a visit with some friends in a distant town. We all had common interests, and I had been spending quite a few evenings and weekends visiting there. None of us used...
  3. Austin Popper

    The Hardware Store On The Edge Of Forever, Or Careful What You Wish For

    This happened in the spring of ’83, or maybe it was ’82. It is by far the most Fortean thing I’ve ever experienced. I’ve had many other odd experiences, but nothing like this. It was a weekend, and I had gone into Topeka, Kansas for some shopping and goofing off. I lived in a small town about...