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    The Human Centipede

    Yeah just the thought of being sown together that way weirded me out. It made my mum laugh when I told her about the movie and she thought there was something wrong with the director! :lol:
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    The Human Centipede

    God that freaked me out for a couple of days when I first saw the trailer. The medical aspect of it was why I was freaked at the thought of it!:shock:
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    Save Futurama

    Awesome news! :mrgreen:
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    GENUINE GHOST PIC ghost face....

    Lens flare. It's too symetrical(trying to find the words to describe what i mean so may not be making sense) to the below bit. Looks like a nose the way it's mirroring though.
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    Weird Sex

    Morons I'd like to F... ?[/quote Most likely.
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    Weird Sex

    Maybe It's a milf movie. :D
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    Weird Sex

    I agree a lot(not all) haven't fought for equal rights. ( I know she's being sarcastic too) Depends on how butch the real lesbians look.
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    Ghostly Goings On Down The Gym

    Shame they gave no history of the building which might of explained more.
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    David Icke & His Work

    Icke's views on Lizard people is some of the best entertainment I've read. Wouldn't suprise me If lizard people existed though, some of the royals facial features are lizard like.
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    Haunted Liverpool

    Anyone read the 800 year of Haunted Liverpool book? Found it a nice read and liked the local history added about the areas covered In the book. I was spooked getting home from Formby beach expecting to see black dogs on the beach since I get over superstitious alot though haha.
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    Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)

    Didn't get diagnosed until I was 21. When I got one when I was In school apparently It was too In It's early days and they thought I never had It and thought I was shy and that my parents weren't trying. Dunno what could have made It easier for me In school, I never did that well In school...
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    KNBC Top 15 Ghost Photos

    Any Info on Pic 12 of the child on the grave?
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    Man who had sex with bike in court

    Maybe It's been giving a ride before It testifies.
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    Man who had sex with bike in court

    Haha, what a waste of courts time.
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    Freaky Video

    The one In the Japanese car park clip looks like It's doing a moonwalk. :D
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    Local Legends

    No Local Legend can surpass the Purple! :rofl:
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    Degsy in Egypt!

    Was the possessed Degsy speaking Scouse slang like Lar and arrrrre Kid?
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    Weird Sex

    Do you find these links In Bizarre mag? I wouldn't mind some rubbery nipples from that site.
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    Local Legends

    Just sounds like a molestor with a mental Illness I reckon. People make myths out of him to scare kids and crap.
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    Sumo Wrestling

    I could imagine a sumo fitting Into a Rooney Man Utd shirt. :o
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    Manhunt 2 banned in UK

    Use some crappy Mario game as a speed disc reflector and I would agree with you. :P
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    Ghost Car Video

    The speed of the car being chased looks like It's been edited on the video to be real. And theirs the hole In the fence thats been mentioned.
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    Do you watch "GHOST HUNTERS"?

    No not heard of It but I find most ghost hunting like shows to be too cheesy to watch like when they think they've seen or heard something for example. It's the way the people act and their facial expressions.
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    Manhunt 2 banned in UK

    ???? It should be made a crime do use Manhunt as a coaster.
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    Local Legends

    He's Baaaaaack. :o link There was a dude who matched Aki's description right behind me In a local off licence too a couple months ago! :shock: edited by TheQuixote: fixing link
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    Manhunt 2 banned in UK

    :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: :furious: :furious: That Is Blasphemy against one of the best games ever made.
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    2012 Olympics

    How the hell does It cost that much to create a pornographic looking logo?
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    2012 Olympics

    The first one looks like two hands are stretching out a giant johnny.
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    Three-Headed Frog? Nope—It's A Mating Ball

    Puzzle over three-headed frog How would environmental problems contribute to a frog having 3 heads?
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    Ever been swayed into/out of belief/disbelief by anything?

    Re: Ever been swayed into/out of belief/disbelief by anythin They''ve Influenced maybe to change towards other Ideas but not swayed to Into disbelief. I'd prefer to just keep open minded.
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    Cathedral row over video war game ... 736809.stm Encourage? The game Is 15 rated and people who play this game are usually old enough to know the difference between reality and non reality. How convenient that there using Manchester's gun crime history as well, can't complain about...
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    2012 Olympics

    I like Nigel Allen's one using something popular In London for part of the logo. The houses of Parliament ones would of made more sense to use though then the purple one chosen.
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    The Headless Lady

    Re: Old Joe and His :antern Nothing and just his hands? Trying to post the best I can think of. :o
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    Weird Sex

    How bad did Scorpian Sex sting?
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    Satanic Rituals Held On Monkey Island In Liverpool?

    Shame theres no evidence though of any rituals. Would of loved to have taken pics of the markings. I went to Childwall Woods but wasn't sure If I found Monkey Island. ... 013045886/
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    Satanic Rituals Held On Monkey Island In Liverpool?

    On that Yo Liverpool link I posted, someone from Childwall mentioned Monkey Island was given the nickname years ago due to it looking like a place where monkey's would go.
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    Satanic Rituals Held On Monkey Island In Liverpool?

    Any Liverpool Fortean forum members know much about supposed Satanic Rituals that happened In the Childwall Woods a piece of Island the locals call Monkey Island? All I can find on search engines Is a thread about the place on a forum called Yo Liverpool...
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    Rupert Murdoch Controls The World

    :shock: How could they let an Aussie(Murdoch) become so powerful? :evil: I want my Simpsons episodes dammit.
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    Rupert Murdoch Controls The World

    I never noticed only using the TV to play on my Ps2 and watch the Cartoon channels.
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    Tom Slemen's Books ... ef72df7656 Wonder if this will be as funny as Price's Ouija Board experiment the Halloween before last.
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    Endurance In Extremity

    Skydiver Survives 12,00ft plunge daily mail edited by TheQuixote: fixing link
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    Love Hewitt Conjures Up Real Ghost On Spooky Show

    Can see something behind her more, but only just notice something in front of her.
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    Ghost on Japanese documentary?

    I thought It was the eyes at first that was supposed to be the so called Ghost. I'd say thats what they've done with the documentry.
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    The worlds scariest ghosts

    The Mask pic dosn't really hold much of a case because It's Halloween and It's behind that guys cloak to see anymore. If It's a real ghost then It's one with a sense of humour.
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    Weird Sex

    Whats the laws for Nudists anyway? Are they only allowed to be naked In their colonies?
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    Weird Sex

    :rofl: :rofl: Well he was admired, so no one offended there PC Wiley.
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    Weird Sex

    The male plastic chastity belt looks like It's mutilated his penis and balls! :o The Piercing penis ones scare me! :shock: That modern female chastity belt though, couldn't you manage to move It to the side?
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    Weird Sex

    Wooo, page 100 . Keep up the good weird work. :wink:
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    Fortean Anime

    Dunno Robot Manga looks too cheesy and weird. I'll just stick to Ninja ones for now. 8)
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    Fortean Anime

    Too cheesy and a lack of blood. :twisted: Plus no typical anime old men perving on women either. :P