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    Ladaleto Photo (1958)

    Gracious, wearing a bald head? Whose? (Yes, I'm an editor. :wink: ) Never seen that photo, either. Do let us know if you come across it.
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    The Tomorrow People (or The Yesterday People)

    Could using this type of mathematics offer a method by which to find other universes in the invariant set? Of course, that might have already been done -- only not here. :wink:
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    Humour & Jokes

    Brilliant! Thanks.
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    UFOs over London

    Ah, give the guy a break: looks like ceiling lights that he didn't notice at the time.
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    CDs & Mayonnaise

    got an answer -- or three Found some answers concerning CDs and mayo on yahoo. Mayo not recommended. Stick deodarant is recommended??!!!! Other stuff, too. Here's the link:
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    The Old Man in the Old Truck Filled with Old Trash

    I agree with you absolutely. :D
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    Watch Yourself In A Mirror & See Yourself Transformed

    Must go back to a time before mirrors were common because such stories were also told about looking into still water (which would reflect like a mirror, of course).
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    Thanks Thanks for that. Don't know when we'll be seeing it over here, but we'll be looking out for it!
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    Minor Strangeness

    Sat on the cord?
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    Humour & Jokes

    Thanks! Needed to see that.
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    Favourite Fictional Robot?

    Marius and Sulla.
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    Give me some ideas...loud broadcast?

    Not through the fillings (if any) in your teeth, then?
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    Spontaneous Teatowel Combustion

    We use tea towels on our tiled counters to spare both the grout (I hate scrubbing grout) and the costs (monetary and environmental) of using paper towels. But if they're fond of combusting... :shock:
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    The Men Who Stare at Goats - the movie!

    Thanks. I'll be waiting for the release of that one. Hmmmmmmm
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    Large Hadron Collider (LHC)

    Now, you know very well that it won't get started until 2012.
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    Evil entity in the office?

    I saw the heading and thought, "So, this is news?" Every office must have an evil entity, just as every Anglican church have have a lady in a massive hat in the front pew. :wink:
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    The Dog That Turned Into Green Mist, Cows Standing On Hind Legs & Other Cases Of Gibbering Insanity

    Re: explanations. Welcome! How much strangeness? As another Fortean mentioned just a few weeks back, it's not well hidden. Look around carefully.
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    Scientists develop software that can map dreams

    Thank you for the link. Mind boggling, indeed!
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    Merry Midwinter Solstice

    May everyone be happy and safe, and may all hearts be filled with joy. May all living beings live in security and in peace beings who are frail or strong, tall or short, big or small, visible or not visible, near or far away, already born or yet to be born. May all of them dwell in...
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    Richard Wiseman

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    Time Lapse Photography

    Thanks for that!
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    Scientists develop software that can map dreams

    I thought that the above was very amazing by itself, much less the jump to recording dreams!
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    The Day The Earth Stood Still - The remake

    Excellent observation.
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    Scariest experience you've ever had...?

    First, thank you for telling about the event at your mother's house: quite interesting. Second: is your wife known to have an unusual sense of humor? :wink:
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    Strange Oddities

    Cats can be very fast, so you might not see one going in and out of the cat door. The cleaner, though seems odd. What kind of switch: press switch, flip switch, foot switch, or ?
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    The Day The Earth Stood Still - The remake

    Thanks for the review. Probably can't drag the husband to this one, however: he thinks the orginal far and away good enough.
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    Fairies around the house?

    Interesting story. But, there is another angle: someone else has a key. Be careful.
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    Fairies around the house?

    Interestings stories, especially about the dog! I've got a problem, here, too: I had my Swiss Army knife (which also contains my flashdrive) in hand and was going downstairs. In the landing, I removed the kitchen towels from the dryer. Upon reaching the living room, I realized that my Swiss...
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    Minor Strangeness

    And, we'll await your reports, or prepare to post bail.
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    Let's play "TOP THIS!"

    Oh, I've subscribed to these boards for quite some time, so I won't repeat incidents here. Hadn't heard the serpents in San Francisco story, tho.
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    Strange Entertainment Video Clip

    Thank you, thank you, rynner! :D
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    Let's play "TOP THIS!"

    Thank you for sharing those stories. Aquatic serpents, eh? I live on the north coast of California -- too cold here for such goings on.
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    Psychic Leanings

    And we want to see it! On our way home last night, my husband and I wondered about what sort of information flits through our universe to allow something like that to happen. staticgirl's information pertains to her own needs in the future; but rynner's (and my) information pertains to...
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    Psychic Leanings

    Yes, only with me it's street names. Sometimes I pass a street I haven't noticed before and the name will stay with me for days. Until someone says, "Do you know where such-and-such is?"
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    "Thing In The Attic/Cellar" Stories

    I wouldn't be worrying about ghosts if I were hearing that! What kind of neighbors do you have?
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    Minor Strangeness

    That's strange, all right. Any roommates in the house having you on?
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    Dream thread II

    I've dreamt nuclear weapons for the last two nights, and I am still scared. (Details are in the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) thread so I won't repeat them here.)
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    'War of wizards' starts, magicians form breakaway convention

    Oh, and here I thought you were writing about the Anglican Communion. :wink:
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    Large Hadron Collider (LHC)

    might explain the dreams Until this afternoon, I didn't know that the LHC was being fired up tomorrow (10 September)--just haven't been keeping up, you know--work and all that. Anyway, for the last two nights, I've had very disturbing and clear dreams about some device that, in the first...
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    Message in a dream, was it for you?

    And if you turned left to get to the New Book shelf, the message was, obviously, for you. What's your middle name, then, Rynner? Anyway, liveinabin1, interesting dream. I once had a dream that a large earthquake occurred near where I live. I immediately turned to the nearest person and...
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    Minor Strangeness

    Lovely when it all comes together like that, eh? Thanks for the story.
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    Did Invisible Hands Turn Beijing’s Staging Upside Down?

    Of, perhaps, more simply, the flag indicated that the child came from a distressed area.
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    Let's play "TOP THIS!"

    I wonder whether you fall partially asleep easily and don't know it. Many of your incidents sound like a mix of dream material and reality. Great stories! Thanks.
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    Reality Hacking

    Actually, not scary precisely because we don't know.
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    The Cardboard Cat

    Thank you for posting the photo, Tamyu. I now have much better understanding of how having the cat disappear would be alarming!
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    I saw a ghost tonight

    That's too much of a teaser: please do post the pic sometime. I'm interested, and won't make fun of you!
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    TV Show, then my name Two coincidences: 1) In a moment away from the office, I started thinking about Mark Twain, which lead to remembering the "Star Trek: Next Generation" episode where everyone travels to 19th-century Earth, and Mark Twain visits the Enterprise. I very rarely watch "Next...
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    The Tree Answered

    Yes. Hmm. You do have a coat? It was a willow sapling. I've not read Tolkien, however. (Yes, I can hear the collective gasp at that. Had to look up "Old Man Willow" through Google.)