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    Cathedral row over video war game ... 736809.stm Encourage? The game Is 15 rated and people who play this game are usually old enough to know the difference between reality and non reality. How convenient that there using Manchester's gun crime history as well, can't complain about...
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    Satanic Rituals Held On Monkey Island In Liverpool?

    Any Liverpool Fortean forum members know much about supposed Satanic Rituals that happened In the Childwall Woods a piece of Island the locals call Monkey Island? All I can find on search engines Is a thread about the place on a forum called Yo Liverpool...
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    Supermarket probes YouTube prank
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    160 Megapixel Camera

    :shock: ... egapixels/ No tripod could hold that! My one in the link below Is puny compared to this!
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    Condoms 'too big' for Indian men :rofl:
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    Police Hunt Farting Dissident Wanting to arrest someone for farting? :rofl:
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    The Amazing feats of Strength Thread

    If theres already a thread then move this post to it, but I could find one. Wasn't there a thread on here sometime with someone doing a heavy legpress once? Can't remember too much but was he some Doctor? Ah well I wonder if he lifted as mich as this guy! :shock...
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    Nicked on the net And for the Webcam. ... Size=Large Suprised the police just took his word for it even though he turned out to be right. :shock:
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    Call for women's prison closures What crap that is! Why should they deserve to be treated differently to male prisons and prisoners?
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    Muslim Day at Alton Towers! Alton Towers can get bent! Credit to the Muslims who condemn it
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    The best page in the universe

    What do you reckon of this guy? Funny like but his last few pages stink a bit. Made loads obviously with that site too and even a book. Strange people, making books out of anything these days like that real ultimate power book...
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    Terror dogs shot I find it sad that these dogs have to be shot because of there s*** of an owner teaches them to be violent. But you do have to think of the victums as well. :evil:
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    Japanese Capsule Hotels ... /index.htm Looks like If I ever went there I'd be better in a normal hotel there at most 200cm tall. :lol: Apparently most of these are home to Japanese...
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    Any non London undeground stories of the Uk?

    Any stories in any other Underground station stories except London in the UK?
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    Paris bars family from home DOn't know what to say to about this although funny. :lol:
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    Hunt for UK's 'failed' buildings I think they should nominate the Liverpool Echo building. Looks like a giant chocolate bar. Wonder why it wouldn't work though as thats what your supposed to nominate.
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    Breast Rash

    Apparently false in this article but the video look genuine! :shock: Crazy stuff from S America but canLarva grow in anything living?
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    World Cup big screenings scrapped There going to make it worse doing that! Plus from what the Video showed, it was the police who were the agressors not the people. They overeatced with riot gear too, sure they need police there to check out whos throwing something but they...
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    Who You Gonna Call?

    Ghostbusters! :lol: ... _com_1.php
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    Greg Valentino

    Anyone seen this guy? He was in Bizarre Mag once and is freakish! :shock: His arms went so big from steroids his arms exploded! :shock: His Official site...
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    Happy slapper gets knocked out!

    Serves the guy right. :lol:, ... _1,00.html Heres the video too! :lol: ... %20slapped
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    How many forms of apparitions are there?

    How many? Or how many known to man?
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    Tubular Bells Tune

    I know because of the Exorcist like people might think thats why it gives a spooky sound. But the opening theme sounds spooky anyway. Was Oldfield into spooky sounding songs to have influenced it? Stops sounding spooky though halfway into it. Or was he just into orchestra type music...
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    Pink Panther

    If theres no cartoon in the film then how is the pink cartoon character associated with the French detective?
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    Laptops for Terror Suspects

    Disgusting that there giving them Laptops in prison and there going to be wondering why more attacks could happen! Hmmm maybe there not that stupid and maybe using them to catch them out.
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    Fishmonger sings hot tub blues Fined 1500 pound and took his sterio off him worth 1200! :shock: Thats over the top that! It's worse to do that at 9 at night than in the morning and who would complain in the morning?
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    Disabled parking row knife attack Know he shouldn't parked in the zone like but that was over the top and what disibility did he have which let him jump at the guy so easily to do that? :? Don't disabled people want to help themselves more so I guess he could of parked in a...
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    Radio talkshow caller dies on air ... 587550.stm Don't like Price but credit to him.
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    The Warriors

    Anyone seen this classic? Just finished playing the game too and that was good.
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    Graz removes Schwarzenegger name What was the point of it though? Sure they disagree with the death penalty but it seems when you have a political view, people will hate you for it. I guess they don't want to feel associasted with a person who agrees with the death penalty...
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    Highgate Cemetery

    What a cool looking cemetry. Was watching a documentry in me dads on Sunday about what god could be and they were going through all kinds of religion and when the guy was in highgate cemetry, I just liked the look of it. The place would look spooky at night and even more if it had the fog...
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    Clashes in Birmingham ... 367654.stm Crazy stuff!
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    Anyone Know Any Ghost Stories From Liverpool?

    Anyone got any? Do you know any Emps?
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    Audley Harrison Vs Danny Williams is ONN! Don't know who to root for, I like both fighters although Danny has more experiance and is a commonwealth games bronze medalist and has fought better fighter but lost a title shot in December against WBC champ Vitali Klitschko. While Audley...
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    Is this movieout yet? I hope so. :D Some backgorund on the real Domino on here and was British Born too. :yeay: From Movie NOOOOOOOOOO! :cry:
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    Man to marry mother in law

    Now only if he didn't marry his wife, then marrying his in law wouldn't be weird. :lol:,,3 ... 12,00.html
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    Humans can lick too

    :shock: Nice read, brutal legend if it's true. What would be the proper story if theres different variations. :?
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    Woman gets pregnant after 'acrobatic joyride'

    Saw the Link of the FT's main page and read the article about it and how can a woman conceive due to riding a rollercoaster.Wouldn't mind the free lifetime pass for Rollercoaster rides though. :wink: ... %2C00.html
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    Man Flees Police; Beheaded On Iron Fence (Atlanta, 2003)

    /!\ Warning - graphic pictures in link. Weird If he was decapitated onthe fence then how does his head stay stuck to the fence? Wouldn't his neck have landed on the fence cutting it off leaving both his body and head on the groud? Must of been his...
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    Apple unveils iPod phone hybrid Can't they find someone better than Madonna to do the ad for it at least! Whats the big deal with Ipods anyway if there are MP3 players already that are smaller than an Ipod and are less expensive? Way it will be 209 pounds on 02 too...
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    Belgrave Hall

    Anyone ever visit the Museum? I remember the BBC reported it once when a fog like image was caught on CCTV. Apparently some reaserchers thought the fog was envioremental but they say it is Haunted. Remember the BBC mentioning people saying they smelt old fashioned cooking For anyone whos...
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    The Brown Lady Of Raynham Hall

    Anyone reckon the picture taken there was real? How could a photo be faked in those days when it was taken just if anyone thinks it's faked? Even if it was double exposure how could it be shaped like a person? Commonly thought to be the ghost of someone call Dorothy Walpole...
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    Weirdest movie title ever!

    Has anyone seen this film? If so what it's like? Man it is real as well. :laughing: Review of the movie.
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    Gay Pride parade in Manchester ... 189634.stm ... 189634.stm I guess if they want to be attention seekers thats fine since this pride parade isn't really a proper cause and it's nothing to do with a problem it looks more attention seeking...
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    Would you buy a Haunted House?

    Knowing a ghost was in it would you? Wouln't like to have something appearing at times when I'm sleeping though would be weird to have it stir at you.
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    What you like best about the Magazine?

    I like the small side articles that get sent in from people who cut them out from newspapers and the strange stories of weird ways of shuffling off this mortal coil. What you guys like best?