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  1. Carse

    Scaring Yourself With A 'Just Suppose'

    I’ll relate a further two train riding stories - 1) A now retired colleague had been a Traffic Inspector in the 80s and was called out to Abington, a remote location in the Scottish borders, to deal with a locomotive failure on a freight train running from Glasgow to Birmingham. After the...
  2. Carse

    Scaring Yourself With A 'Just Suppose'

    I have a feeling I've mentioned this on here before but years ago I was travelling home from a course at the Railway Technical Centre when I saw a Freightliner service roll slowly through platform 2 at Derby station with a family (two adults and two children) sitting quite happily on an empty...
  3. Carse

    Time Slipping

    Perhaps she only told him she needed a pee but actually went for (gasp!) a number two..
  4. Carse

    The Nanny State: Ideological Policing & Internet Censorship

    Security theatre... Last year I was one of five passengers in total boarding a Loganair flight to Stansted from Dundee and, as first in the quese at the tiny security area, I was "randomly" chosen to have my shoes swabbed for explosives. The other passengers watched in bemused silence as the...
  5. Carse

    Gimp Suit Man (Somerset)

    Yes, I have an old friend who has been universally nicknamed 'gimp' since his first day of secondary school for that very reason. It stuck with him, as nicknames are apt to do, to the point that quite a few people in my social circle don't actually know his real name.
  6. Carse

    Mystery Boom In Glasgow

  7. Carse


    Going back to the specifics of what kicked off this thread rather than survivalism in general, what I found interesting about the image sent out by Police Scotland was that it referred to a "flashlight" rather than a torch. This indicates that it had simply been lifted from some other...
  8. Carse

    Out Of Fortean Fashion

    I spent most of my childhood and early teenage years being terrified that one day I’d spontaneously combust after reading too many lurid accounts in the Readers Digers book of the unexplained. You never hear anything about it these days.
  9. Carse

    Railway Ghosts

    An interesting tale right enough. As I'm nightshift and have a lot of time on my hands I've taken the liberty of checking back in the Network Rail Control Log for LNW Route from January to June 2011 and can't find any incidents even remotely like what's described. That means it either wasn't...
  10. Carse

    Sensing Impending Death

    I’ve seen it referred to as Angor Animi - the book Do No Harm by neurosurgeon Henry Marsh describes a striking example.
  11. Carse

    Anomalous Structures: Fort Knox (Kentucky)

    The black shapes are shadows of tall walls. What they’re for I couldn’t begin to guess.
  12. Carse

    UK Rules For The Disposal Of The Dead

    I know of someone who has his parents and grandparents buried in his garden and will be planted there himself when the time comes. It's all above board though!
  13. Carse

    Ticks With Lyme Disease Are Pentagon Experiment

    I’m only going on what the doctor told me!
  14. Carse

    Deceptive Perspective

    I don’t see any issue with that...?
  15. Carse

    Ticks With Lyme Disease Are Pentagon Experiment

    I got a tick attached to my leg a few years ago, made an arse of removing it (I later learned that apparently you need to ‘unscrew’ them by twisting clockwise as their mouths are left-hand threaded) and had to go to hospital to have the remaining bits taken out after my inept attempts failed. It...
  16. Carse

    Gimp Suit Man (Somerset)

    Just your common-or-garden pervert. Plenty more of that ilk on Fetlife.
  17. Carse

    Railway Lights

    Crows are very intelligent and I love watching them. As for the ballast, yes kids love putting it on the line too but many instances in the middle of nowhere are down to crows and they’re often seen doing it. The other strange railway/animal phenomenon is the regular removal of detonators from...
  18. Carse

    Railway Lights

    The other story I was told many, many times as a very young railwayman was the well known phenomenon of crows placing ballast on the rails. Supposedly crows are the reincarnation of dead permanent way gangers of old, who place the ballast on top of the rail head to show where the sleepers needs...
  19. Carse

    Railway Lights

    I’ve always known them as “roaring rails”, apparently the very distinctive sound is generated by the little striations that form with certain wheel profiles and wear patterns on rails of a particular hardness. Once heard never forgotten!
  20. Carse

    The Disappearance Of Margaret Fleming

    This article is quite enlightening and very sad..
  21. Carse

    The Disappearance Of Margaret Fleming

    In the BBC tv interview they stated they didn’t actually report her missing because they knew she was in Poland working as a gangmaster/drug dealer. It was the Inverclyde social services and the Benefits Agency who passed the case to the police. The whole thing is extraordinary and I recommend...
  22. Carse

    The Disappearance Of Margaret Fleming

    He did apparently tell the police at the time but it doesn’t seem to have become public knowledge until the trial. The other thing that was mentioned in passing in the media coverage was that they weren’t digging for a body but for bone fragments, of which they found plenty but none...
  23. Carse

    The Disappearance Of Margaret Fleming

    I’m glad this sad case has finally reached a conclusion; in my mind it was always clear that Margaret was long since dead. The photos of the house released by Police Scotland and shown on the BBC news website are eye opening, as is the filmed interview recorded for the BBC and used as evidence...
  24. Carse

    Railway Lights

    I’ve got an old long since out of print book about the Glasgow Subway* which has a short chapter about ghosts encountered on the system, including mention of strange mystery lights seen in the tunnels - “On another occasion two seperate squads were working on the same section of track, though a...
  25. Carse

    "Noises In My Lane": Strangeness In Gloucester

    I’ve been to such a place that was made up of the basement and ground floor flats of a very respectable Edinburgh tenement which, as you say, you’d never guess from the outside. I did wonder to myself what the neighbours upstairs thought of it all....
  26. Carse

    Mattress Shop Conspiracy?

    The UK railway station catering company is called SSP (Select Service Partners) - the railway business came out of Britsh Rail’s Traveller’s Fare on privatisation, which was itself a descendant of British Transport Hotels.
  27. Carse

    'Allo 'Allo Myth

    I only recently noticed how very funky the bass line is in the ‘Allo ‘Allo theme tune. Seriously, go and listen to to now.
  28. Carse

    Human Corpses As Radiation Hazards

    Just for the record 7.5mrem is 0.05mSv in SI units. By way of comparison the equivalent dose for a single dental x-ray would be about 13 to 15mSv.
  29. Carse

    Non-Military Use of Nuclear Weapons / Explosions?

    The US effort for peaceful nuclear explosions was called Project Plowshare. As an aside, 16 years is quite an impressive thread bump.
  30. Carse

    Frederick Valentich Disappearance (Australia; 1978)

    Excellent, that’s given me a nice Fortean point of interest to head for on my trip to Australia later this year. I remember being really terrified when I read about the Valentich disappearance when I was a kid.
  31. Carse

    Minor Strangeness

    A wiser philosophy you’ll never see written.
  32. Carse

    Man Self-Injects Semen For Therapeutic Effect

    Possibly he was thinking of stem cells...?
  33. Carse

    BVM (Blessed Virgin Mary)

    And apparently none in Scotland, which I find very surprising!
  34. Carse

    The Everlasting Mystery Of Teaspoons

    I feel I’ve missed out on a formative experience having never had my throbbing 12”er professionally examined or, indeed, thwacked with a cold spoon.
  35. Carse

    The Everlasting Mystery Of Teaspoons

    Goodness! What on earth for, though?
  36. Carse

    The Everlasting Mystery Of Teaspoons

    I’ve never understood that particular trope. Were school nurses really examining boys’ undercarriage as a matter of routine back in the day? Because they certainly didn’t when I was at school, although rumours abounded to that affect.
  37. Carse

    Minor Strangeness

    Touchscreens contaminated with water (even very slightly damp) can take on a life of their own.
  38. Carse

    The Queen & Poo

    When the Queen opened the Borders Railway on September 6th 2015 there was a toilet designated for her exclusive use in the newly built staff accomodation at Tweedbank station with nicely painted walls, a carpet and padded seat. The British Transport Police mounted a cordon round it so no oiks...
  39. Carse

    Things That Make You Go... WTF?

    I will admit to very occasionally doing that but only ever in the house. It's hard to describe why just sometimes it feels like the right thing to do. It's like my skin becomes super sensitive after I sit down and I feel compelled to strip off. Happens less than half a dozen times a year, I reckon.
  40. Carse

    Nigerian President Replaced By Double?

    Yes that’s right. He was a very skilled magician, wrote many books about magic and devised many excellent tricks.
  41. Carse

    Nigerian President Replaced By Double?

    Yes indeed, the Shriek of Araby and president of the Magic Circle no less! He was a very interesting character, well worth reading about.
  42. Carse

    Minor Strangeness

    Onthe subject of unattributable noises, I was woken up at about 3 this morning by a loud clatter and resounding crash/bang like something big had fallen over downstairs. There was silence for a moment then a noise I can only compare to something a bit like a metal slinky going down a short...
  43. Carse

    Something New Every Day: Random & Newly Found Facts

    I found out the other day that the catchy riff from “I got the..” by Labi Siffre, which was sampled on “My Name Is” by Eminem was played by Chas and Dave.
  44. Carse

    Giant Centipede Photo: Fake Or Not?

    Brrr! I can’t stand centipedes or millipedes.
  45. Carse

    End Times UFOs

    That’s great. I, for one, welcome our new alien/divine overlords.
  46. Carse

    Adults Posing As Schoolchildren

    I work with someone who was in the same year, although not in the same class, as Brandon Lee at Bearsden Academy. Apparently kids all knew his real age and he reckons the teaching staff must have known exactly what was going on.
  47. Carse

    Evacuation Song On Jukeboxes In Irish Pubs Cira 80s

    A friend of mine worked as a lifeguard at a swimming pool when he was a student and apparently if they saw someone acting suspiciously, leering at the kids etc.. the code over the PA system was “Father Green to (location)”. I was baffled when he was telling me this until he said it again in French.
  48. Carse

    Teeth Found In Dental Clinic Walls: LOTS Of Teeth

    Two of my adult teeth went a bit off course so had to be removed from up under my nose when I was 14. They took out the deciduous teeth at the same time but rebellious teenage Carse refused to have any artificial replacements or braces to close up the two resulting gaps in my upper jaw. It...
  49. Carse

    Maggie Wall's Everlasting Paint-Job

    I know this monument well having driven past many, many times as I live in Perthshire. During a previous job I’d often park up and eat my lunch there when I was out and about. But I never knew the Moors Murders connection until about 3 months ago when I stumbled across the photos of Myra Hindley...
  50. Carse

    'Six Degrees Of Separation'

    Am I alone on the board as being completely unable to come up with any apparent link, however tenuous, between myself/my family and anyone of note?