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  1. Min Bannister

    Eurovision 2018

    Well our song has been chosen. It was my favourite and really stood out amongst the mediocre to downright awful entries. She wants to get that N*zi salute under control before she goes to Lisbon though. :omg: A video of the song at the link. I hope Mel and Måns are UK presenters, I like them...
  2. Min Bannister

    Christmas Wreaths

    What are peoples views on hanging a wreath on the front door at Christmas? I shudder when I see this as wreaths are for dead people. But I read recently that hanging a wreath on your door invites good luck into your house. No, it definitely invites death! It would be interesting to see the...
  3. Min Bannister

    British Bigfoot?

    At our last Edinburgh Fortean Society we had a speaker talking about Bigfoot in Scotland. I will be honest and say I wasn't really expecting to be impressed but the speaker was very compelling and the account of her initial sighting sounded almost exactly like something I have seen myself but...
  4. Min Bannister

    Tarot Experiment Anyone?

    Does anyone fancy trying a Tarot card reading experiment? Just for fun. I propose getting few people interested, drawing a single Tarot spread completely at random and publishing the results here to look at the basis of cold reading. Obviously real cold reading requires real-time feedback but I...
  5. Min Bannister

    The Shoe Event Horizon?

    I found this news story quite fascinating even though I have the opposite problem and have to buy children's shoes. Everyone knows that wimmin love shoes right? (Unless their choices tend to be limited to patent leather with buckles) Strange then that available shoe sizes have not increased over...
  6. Min Bannister

    The Narcissism Thread

    You're so vain, you probably think this thread is about you.. There has been some discussion on other threads about narcissism and its increase in recent years and I find it a very interesting topic and well worth its own thread. Note that very few people actually have a narcissistic...
  7. Min Bannister

    The Third Man

    This phenomena is often related to guardian angels but I think it deserves its own thread. It is the feeling sometimes experienced by people who are undergoing some severe physical and mental exertion that another, mysterious person is with you. The name comes from a poem by T.S. Eliot The...
  8. Min Bannister

    Supermarkets selling manky food. Part of a rather long article. I am not too surprised. I stopped buying "fresh" olives from Tesco as I was starting to get suspicious about their freshness. Or how about this? Yum!
  9. Min Bannister

    Gas Bubbles Sinking Ships

    I thought we had a thread on this but I couldn't find one. A bizarre report of an explosion under a floating restraunt in Leith in yesterdays Edinburgh Evening News The smell of sulhpur made me wonder if it was one of those gas explosion thingies thought to be resposible for many mystery...
  10. Min Bannister


    I have a nasty feeling I accidentally clicked the exclamation mark on this perfectly innocuous post. Nothing actually happened though. Does something come up to say you have done it if you have? Sorry if I did!
  11. Min Bannister

    Cryptic Cat Identification

    I wonder if anyone can identify this cat? When I was a kid I had a book of Fabulous Beasts which contained all kinds of things I have since come across many times (Roc, Pheonix, Chimera etc) except one. It was a gigantic cat with a beautifully patterned coat which lived in forests (can't...
  12. Min Bannister

    Tugs of Love

    I don't believe there is a thread on this so I thought I'd start one on the back of this bizarre case from Edinburgh at the weekend. Edinburgh Evening News (needs registration) The weirdest thing about this is that the father let the fact that he was "stuck in traffic" stop him going after...
  13. Min Bannister

    Narcissistic Personality Disorder

    I don't know if there is another thread this would fit in to, I haven't heard of this disorder before. From the BBC
  14. Min Bannister

    Haunted Waterways

    Interesting article on canal hauntings here. Quite old but I can't find it elsewhere on here.
  15. Min Bannister

    G8 Summit-"Trash Edinburgh" Geldof Urges

    While we're on trashing... Okay demonstrations? Fine. 1 million people? I don't think so. BBC Are you? Well he said on the radio yesterday that he was also confidant British police were the best in the world at handling riots. Expecting trouble then are we? Justification for this...
  16. Min Bannister

    Chicken Fined For Crossing Road

    Well okay they let it off in the end but the fact it was charged in the first place is pretty amusing! BBC
  17. Min Bannister

    Deadly Donors: Diseases Spread via Tissue / Organ Transplant

    Death by Hamster And they look so cute.. Pretty tragic story here from the BBC :(
  18. Min Bannister

    Tomb Raider Game

    The new Tomb Raider game promises to be much better than the unbelievably rubbish Angel of Darkness apparently, which wouldn't TBH be too difficult. I only played it through because I thought I would get to fight a Nephilim at the end and I'm terrified of Nephilim. But no, no Nephilim. :hmph...
  19. Min Bannister

    Shockingly Close To Charles Fort

    Nice little history of Charles Fort and Fortean Times that I had forgotten about in January's edition of Saucer Smear I expect there must be old issues of "Doubt" still surviving. Anyone here care to own up? :)
  20. Min Bannister

    Belly Dancing Crisis

    Thought this might be a little light relief.:) It appears the art of bellydancing is dying out in its own land. Beeb Bizzarely, the Egyptian woman in the article apparently performs the Turkish form of the dance, which seems to be what the goverment is objecting to. All that skin and...
  21. Min Bannister

    Smoking Ban

    Couldn't find a thread on this and as we seem to be doing well on contraversial topics at the moment I thought I'd bring this up. As Scottish board members will know, Jack McConnell wants to bring a ban on smoking in pubs and clubs, much like the one in Ireland. This has brought claims from...
  22. Min Bannister


    I have always wondered about Seth (or Set). As far as I know, he is the only god who also appears to be a fantastic animal. Seemingly the ancient Egyptians were keen on fantastic animals as this link shows Fantastic animals were apparently...