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  1. kamalktk

    Vast Field of Mysterious, Perfectly Circular Holes Dot the Seafloor Off California's Coast

    Scientists aren't sure what made them. They suspect it had something to do with the ocean currents. "On the sea bottom off the coast of central California lies a vast field of mysterious pockmarks. The field spans about 500...
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    The 'Buddhist' Aliens In Thailand -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A hilltop in central Thailand is attracting UFO seekers who believe extraterrestrials hover above a huge Buddha...
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    Potentially The First Crime In Space

    Astronaughty! "NASA is examining a claim that an astronaut improperly accessed the bank account of her estranged spouse from the International Space Station, The New York Times...
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    Biological Resource Center: 'Human Chop Shop' In Arizona

    There's a lot of WTF in there. A whole lot. -------------------------------------- Former FBI Assistant Special Agent Mark Cwynar's testimony says he observed buckets of head, arms and legs inside the...
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    Mystery Surrounds Shoreline Woman's Two-Hour Disappearance SHORELINE, WA — One minute, she was standing on the porch of an Edmonds home. Two hours later, she woke up in a field near a gas station 2 miles away. She was barefoot and her body was...
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    Murdered Scientist Found In Nazi Bunker

    Why Was an American Scientist Murdered in a Nazi Bunker? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The tortured corpse of a 59-year-old American...
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    U.S. Navy Patents For 'UFO' Technology ---------------------------------------------------------- The United States Secretary of Navy is listed as the assignee on several radical aviation technologies...
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    The 16th-17th Century Black Market For Human Fat

    Article also includes information on one of the early cases of spontaneous human combustion --------------------------------------- In 16th- and 17th-century Europe, physicians, butchers, and...
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    Owners Of Noah's Ark Sue Over Rain Damage

    You'd think a little rain wouldn't have been a problem...
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    Bonding Atoms With Nothing

    Chemically bonding atoms with nothing, instead of other atoms. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A series of electric and magnetic pulses applied to an atom could...
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    National Institute Of Standards & Technology's Unidentified Items

    What happens when scientists retire without labeling their stuff. -------------------------------------------------- In celebration of National Inventors Month 2019 (yes, it’s a thing) we’re highlighting some curious...
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    The Search For Room-Temperature Superconductors

    oddly, I couldn't find a general thread for superconductors. Lanthanum hydride is the latest and greatest, but it's extremely hard to make. It has been tested to superconduct at -13.15 Celcius. "And that’s just...
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    Man Threatens To Unleash Turtle Army

    A man claiming himself to be a “saint”, threatened “his turtle army will destroy” the residents of the town. -------------------------- When officers arrived at the scene, they witnessed...
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    Have Scientists Found Fossil Fish Killed By Asteroid That Perhaps Wiped Out The Dinosaurs?

    Scientists may have found fossils of fish directly killed by the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs Scientists Find Fossilized Fish That May Have Been Blasted by Debris From Asteroid That Ended the Dinosaur Age...
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    Semi-Identical Twins

    So rare doctors have identified only the second ever case. more at link above: "But in this case, Fisk said, when the egg was fertilized by two sperm, it split the three sets of chromosomes into two...
  16. kamalktk

    Man With No Arms Accused Of Stabbing "A man with no arms stabbed his dad's stomach with a scissor blade held between his toes, a court heard. Rory O’Connor, who once swam for Wales, slashed his father Kevin O’Connor with the makeshift weapon at the family home."
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    Ong's Hat

    A pamphlet from the 1980's makes claims that have people showing up on some guy's doorstep decades later. "According to a pamphlet that began popping up in late ‘80s—“Ong’s Hat: Gateway to the Dimensions, a...
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    Stone Pillars in Northern New Mexico

    Mysterious stone pillars emerge from northern New Mexico forest A set of mysterious stone pillars found in the state's remote northern forest has sparked that...
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    Man Self-Injects Semen For Therapeutic Effect

    Man injects himself with... himself. :wtf:
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    Scientists Unravel Secret Of Cube-Shaped Wombat Faeces

    That sounds painful. --------------------------------------- Of all the many mysteries that surround the common wombat, it is hard to find one as baffling as its ability – broadly...
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    Who Secretly Bought The Fortean Times?

  22. kamalktk

    The Columbia River UFO Incident (1981)

    Listening to a radio show this evening I head about an incident where police in the US state of Washington witnessed a UFO. The event made the local newspapers.
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    Purple Orange

    Purple orange, musician Prince seen wondering about the rain conditions where it grew. ------------------------------------------------------- Forensic testing is underway to determine...
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    Thread For Dolls?

    There must be a main thread for creepy/haunted dolls. I found this news article. Link is dead. No archived version available. ------------------------------------ One doll upstairs that features sharp blue eyes and is losing her hair disturbs Bentley the most. “She talks,” Bentley said. “The...
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    My Stuffed Lion Is My Lawyer

    B.C. couple loses child custody after stuffed lion purportedly transmitting the word of God acted as their lawyer...
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    Twin Accused Of Murdering The Other, Then Flirts With The Ex-Boyfriend

    difficulty: women twins, so no goatee to tell who was the evil one. -------------------------------- The yoga...
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    Four Men Arrested For Trying To Sell A Genie In A Bottle

    Anyone up for a bottle of djinn? ------------------------------------------------ The largest news agency in India, Press Trust of India (PTI), has reported a story of global importance...
  28. kamalktk

    Baby Born From Embryo Frozen When Mother Aged Two

    Woman gives birth to embryo that had been frozen for 24 years. So far apparently so good for the baby. "An East Tennessee woman delivered the longest-frozen embryo to successfully come to birth...
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    240-Year-Old Note Stuffed Up Jesus's Rear

    240 year old note from a priest found stuffed up Jesus statue's hind end.
  30. kamalktk

    Identical Twins Dead In Murder-Suicide

    Man kills his identical twin, then himself. "Two hired hands working with Travis witnessed a confrontation between Travis and his twin brother, Eric, 39, who also hails from Canton but owns a small ranch in the county, the sheriff...
  31. kamalktk

    Behold the New Queen of England!

    Schoolgirl pulls 4ft sword from Cornish lake 'where Arthur's Excalibur was thrown'
  32. kamalktk

    Chinese Oracle Bones

    I didn't see a relevant thread for them, 3000 years ago Chinese fortune tellers carved the questions they received into turtle shells and ox bones. Roughly two thousand of the five thousand characters carved into the bones have been translated, leaving over half of the characters untranslated...
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    The Atlanta Blood House

    Does anyone know anything further about this mystery from 1987? Human blood was found all over a house in Atlanta, but the blood did not match either of the occupants of the house ----------------------...
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    Library Seeks Help Transcribing Magical Manuscripts

    In a move that has absolutely no chance of accidentally summoning eldritch horrors, a Chicago library is enlisting the public's help in transcription. One of the books is by the minister who presided over the Salem Witch Trials...
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    The Hanging Coffins of China

    Seems like there would probably already be a thread for this somewhere, but I couldn't find one. A group of people in China used to put their dead in coffins, hanging thirty or more meters up steep cliffs. more at link above...
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    The World of Underground Tractor Hacking

    American farmers are buying hacked software for farm tractors from private Ukrainian websites. More at link above (on my mobile, i will get it properly linked later)...
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    Defense Lawyer's Pants Catch Fire During Arson Trial A defence lawyer was on fire in a Miami courtroom Wednesday afternoon — literally. Stephen Gutierrez was on a roll arguing during a trial that his client’s car had spontaneously combusted and was not purposely...
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    Dinner and a Dissection?

    It's a mannequin type model, and pig organs, but still. more at link above ---------------------- Going out to the same restaurants and bars every week can get pretty boring after a...
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    Iron Crotch Kung Fu

    'Iron Crotch Kung Fu Master' shows off ability to take groin hits ------------------------------ This man has got balls. Balls of steel, that is. Meet Master Wei Yaobin, who has built a reputation as an "Iron Crotch...
  40. kamalktk

    If God Does Miracles, What Does Satan Do?

    Is there some specific term for the supernatural things Satan does? I'd think it's not "satanic miracle".
  41. kamalktk

    Lobster-Blood Pharmaceuticals

    Apparently lobster blood has some antiviral properties, but it has to be raw. Whether coating yourself in raw lobster blood helps summon Cthulhu still yet to be determined.
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    Man's Cars Crushed By Trees

    Man owns two cars. The cars were parked in different cities. Each car gets crushed by a tree, on the same day. At least they were different trees. more...
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    Gay porn actor/German spy/secret radical muslim arrested

    Gay porn actor/German spy/secret radical muslim, surprisingly these are all the same person and did not walk into a bar together as the setup to a joke...
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    We're Running Out Of Sand

    Not sure if general forteana is the best subforum It turns out that construction quality sand for concrete is starting to get scarce. Scarce to the point there is black market trade in sand. more at link above ------------------- "Today...
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    Can you say fart in the Canadian Parliament?

    Does the use of the word fart in Canadian Parliament pass the smell test? more at link above ------------------ A row has blown up in the Canadian parliament - over the word "fart". When Conservative MP Michelle Rempel accused the government of...
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    The South Korean President and the Shaman

    A mysterious shaman is at the center of a South Korean political scandal more at link above --------------------------------------- The mystery that surrounds Choi...
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    Man wins bubble gum contest from 1957

    Almost like a years old message in a bottle, Dallas Texas man finds old bubble gum baseball card contest from 1957, enters and wins the contest. Link...
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    Pub wants it's stolen ghost back.

    The Ye Olde Man & Scythe wants it's ghost back, it's owners claims an artist stole the ghost. A supernatural squabble has broken out between a British pub that dates back to medieval times and a Chinese...
  49. kamalktk

    The restaurant that may be an urban myth

    The restaurant that may or may not actually exist. It's a long article. --------------------------------------------------------- Damon Baehrel’s methods are a marvel, and his tables are all...
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    Witchcraft Shop Refuses To Sell To 'Muggles'

    No muggles allowed, the proprietor can tell if you're a muggle by your aura. The muggles aren't happy about it. ---------------------------------------------------------- A shop which...