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    Untranslatable & Indefinable Words

    The following words and phrases are all pronounced “grab the cash while they’re still hot”: a) Hygge b) Mindfulness c) Vegan maximus otter
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    Jack The Ripper (Compendium Thread)

    Drinkers in [the Ten Bells] pub are being charged more after 10pm The Ten Bells pub in Spitalfields, which has been in place since the 18th century, is known for allegedly being a haunt of victims of Jack the Ripper. It has also appeared in Jamie Oliver television shows; the celebrity cook's...
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    Fizzy Custard

    Custard powder isn’t, strictly speaking, explosive. Any flammable powder at a suitable concentration, suspended in air, will flare up if ignited. lf said flare-up is confined, e.g. in a building, the results can be catastrophic. Mythbusters has demonstrated such energetic displays using coffee...
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    l’d call that one “Stiffy Killer”. maximus otter
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    Aviation Accidents

    “JP-8 is a complex mixture of hydrocarbons used as a multipurpose fuel for commercial aircraft, as well as ground vehicles, generators, heaters and stoves. JP-8 and other kerosene-based fuels have been shown to cause skin irritation, skin sensitization and even skin tumors with repeated or...
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    Video Footage Of Eastern European 'Hill Dragon': Lost It

    :rollingw: maximus
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    Things That Make You Go... WTF?

    In Case of Emergency, Please Remove Your Bra Caught in a disaster? You'd better hope you're wearing the Emergency Bra. Simply unsnap the bright red bra, separate the cups, and slip it over your head -- one cup for you, and one for your friend. Dr. Elena Bodnar won an Ig Nobel Award for the...
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    The Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Catastrophe

    Cameras Show Animals Thriving in Fukushima's 'Uninhabitable' Radioactive Zone It's been nearly nine years since the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, and the natural world has wasted no time in reclaiming its space. Despite pervasive radiation, a new study suggests a sheer lack of human...
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    Random Stuff From Your Neck O' The Woods

    lt isn’t, believe me, unless this terrifies you: (The bit with the white line is the land of the Wild Irish; the bit without the line is civilisation, i.e. the North). *Sniggers, glances at watch, waits for @ramonmercado to pounce* maximus otter
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    Bird Falls: Mysterious Deaths Of Birds En Masse

    Which might be why they weren’t found... maximus otter
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    Fortean Headlines

    And the man doing the picture-in-picture signing only uses one hand! maximus otter
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    U.S. Sizing Up Iran?

    Reading even Wikipedia’s account shows that this incident didn’t occur in a vacuum. The sections entitled “Radio Communications” and “Potential Factors” show that the crew of the USS Vincennes were under more stresses and constraints than simply those of combat. maximus otter
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    Selkies & Feminicide

    On the subject of selkies and folklore, may l take this opportunity to recommend to my fellow Forteans the superb film The Secret of Roan Inish. It features Susan Lynch as Nuala the selkie, and is one of my favourite films of all time. lf you don’t love it, you’re dead inside. maximus otter
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    Nigerian Student Confraternities: Secret Societies Turned Criminal Syndicates

    Mentioning the Skull and Bones society or the Bullingdon Club in the same breath as that batch of pathologies is like comparing the Girl Guides to the NKVD. Euw. maximus otter
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    Fortean Headlines

    Lights From Marijuana Farm Create ‘Purple Haze’ In The Sky SNOWFLAKE, Ariz. (CBS Local) — Lights from a medical marijuana farm filled the sky over Snowflake, Arizona, with a bright purple glow on a recent foggy morning. Cara Smith was on her way to work at Copperstate Farms, the largest...
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    Day Of The Animals: Tales Of Man Vs Beast

    Bloodthirsty Squirrel Leaves 2 Hospitalized, Neighbors Hiding Out During Daytime An unruly squirrel is defying Disney stereotypes by terrorizing one Houston neighborhood, according to KPRC-TV. This is not a photo of the actual squirrel terrorizing an entire neighborhood in Houston. (credit...
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    Fortean Headlines

    "To the man on crutches dressed in camouflage who stole my wallet: you can hide but you can't run." maximus otter
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    Here’s an easy calculator to work out your chances of winning according to your holding of Premium Bonds: maximus otter
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    Green Puppy Born In North Carolina

    He’s got to be called Vulcan! maximus otter
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    Woman Critically Injured In Padstow Obby Oss Incident

    To be pedantic, she’s currently stable but definitely not critical. maximus otter
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    Selkies & Feminicide

    Òran an Ròin Hò i hò i hì o hò i Hò i hò i hì o hì Hò i hò i hì o hò i, cha robh mi m’ aonar a-raoir. ’S mairg san tìr seo, ’s mairg san tìr, ’g ithe dhaoine ’n riochd a bhìdh. Nach fhaic sibh ceannard an t-sluaigh, goil air teine gu cruaidh cruinn. ’S mise nighean Aoidh mhic Eòghainn, gum b’...
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    Random/Peculiar Images

    Because of the insensitivity of Victorian photographic plates, exposure times were often measured in minutes rather than fractions of a second. That’s why you usually only see pictures of beached, stranded or grounded vessels. (It’s also why portrait studios had clamps to hold the subjects’...
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    Strange Crimes

    l was thinking more Gone Girl, but that’s already been done. maximus otter
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    Strange Crimes

    Mingin’ taste in rifles, too. maximus otter
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    Bird Flu: Worse Than SARS?

    To put this into perspective, SARS (774) and Wuhan (1), in “just 17 years”, have killed 1.03 X 10⁻⁶% of the world’s population. I think we’re doing just fine. maximus otter
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    Horse Costumes Of South Ronaldsay

    That’s delightful! Despite spending a lot of time in the Highlands l hadn’t heard of this either. Good find, Min! maximus otter
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    Random/Peculiar Images

    “That’s what l call a fart!” maximus otter
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    Charity Shop & Poundshop Finds

    Once I'd scraped the dead, ball-gagged GCHQ agent out of it I had no more problems. maximus otter
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    Taking The Piss: Weird Wee Stories

    You’d have to be on a mega-high-fibre diet to be able curl one off on an escalator. maximus otter
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    l can hear Tom Hanks’s and Meg Ryan’s agents on the phone to each other... maximus otter
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    Charity Shop & Poundshop Finds

    l needed a new gym bag, as my previous one (a charity shop find) was going home. l finally found a nice example - Nike, in red - priced at £8.95. l thought that was a trifle steep, but was happy to pay it. On arrival at the till, l handed the item to the lady. She peered at the price label and...
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    Doctor Who 2 (Avast! There Be Spoilers!)

    Critics' Score: 80% Audience Score: 16% maximus otter
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    People Dying / Corpses Discovered In Chimneys

    Cynically, I would say that it's "urban exploration" if the suspect is caught; "burglary" if they aren't. ;-) A Google search on "burglar caught in chimney" yields almost 1.5M hits. If these youths had been found trapped in an insecure back window, or attempting to get through a cat flap...
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    Post-Apocalypse Movies

    Ever wanted to know what happened to that armoured truck, the Landmaster? It’s still running, and the current owner intends a full restoration: Full story here. maximus otter
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    People Dying / Corpses Discovered In Chimneys

    l refer to it as “attempted burglary”. Why the mystery? maximus otter
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    l used to have a coffee with the security police at a nearby military base on night shifts. The key to their safe was attached to a stout chain, which was screwed to a 6” cube of wood painted titty pink. No-one ever forgot where that key was, much less inadvertently went home with it in their...
  37. maximus otter

    The Vultures Are Circling (Greed & Strife Around An Impending Death)

    Everybody: Make a ****ing will! My dad died intestate about ten years ago, and l ended up having to infer his wishes from scribblings on two scraps of A6 paper he’d torn from a notebook. Awkward if one is dealing with £50 and “Who gets the cheeny dugs?”; a royal pain in the arse when disbursing...
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    Offensive Bagpipes?

    l love the Scottish bagpipes, but l’d kill and eat small children to be able to play the uilleann pipes: maximus otter
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    Who Is Your Dracula?

    l started watching with gritted teeth, waiting for the usual Gatiss/Moffat/BBC tics, but l found myself being won over. All the above trio’s knee-jerk box-ticking was present, but the central performances by Claes Bang as Dracula and Dolly Wells as Van Helsing were both excellent, and more than...
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    Eccles On Sea "Monster"

    Did anyone else read that as “Eccles on sea monster”? maximus otter
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    Money From Out Of The Blue

    All the way to the bank. maximus otter
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    Humour & Jokes

    maximus otter
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    'Slavery' Alleged: Ultra-Orthodox Cult (Jerusalem; 2020)

    Totally. maximus otter
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    What Were You Doing Five Minutes Ago?

    I’ll keep an eye out for it. maximus otter
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    Miscellaneous Ghost Photos & Videos

    :bdown: maximus otter
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    Best Horrible Woman In A Film?

    That usually works. ;-) maximus otter
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    PSI-CO Research Idea

    :) maximus otter
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    Boy Wearing ‘Anxiety-Inducing’ T-Shirt

    I'm very confident that that ship has sailed. ;-) maximus otter
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    Mother & Son Live On A Bench In Tooting

    :mcoat: maximus otter
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    What Are You Eating & Drinking?

    Presumptuous. ;) maximus otter