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    Fortean Plants / Botanical Forteana (Non-Carnivorous)

    No, I don't. But I am prepared to eat lots if it'll help? :)
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    Things That Make You Go... WTF?

    @Swifty listen to the snail!
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    The Future Of Methodism

    I think it could be a diagnostic feature!
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    Nominative Determinism

    need a heart react! :clap:
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    Random/Peculiar Images

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    Crop Circles

    he is not gone so much as transcended. :headspinner: And in the hour of our greatest need.....
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    is there a symbolic aspect to this I'm not getting? o_O
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    Royal News

    @kamalktk :twothumbs:
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    Royal News

    In the UK used to be used of blacks, irish, asians... I think you must have grown up with very woke people who didn't use it @Yithian ;) Also of women when men feel threatened by them. As recently as 1996 of me......
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    Random/Peculiar Images

    Two lobsters flank a stuffed boy, caught off the New Jersey coast. 1916
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    The Whinge Thread, Resurrected

    It's true, there is NO HOPE! :tears:
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    Royal News

    I need to clarify that the presence of the cat /alone/ makes that an important group! All hail the furry rulers!
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    Royal News

    For you, if you say so then it is so. However, it's a word which has the freight I've noted for others! A significant number I mean, not two people and a cat.
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    Royal News

    Do you read the Fail Online? I've watched it for maybe 3 years by now :sick2: and the articles that go up and then are chenged a few hours later, as well as the comments... Typing N.I.G.G... etc seems to be enough to get around their auto-flagging system. I don't think so. Same as calling a...
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    The Bloody Irish

    @skinny do I gather that a rosary would be appropriate?
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    Things That Make You Go... WTF?

    It varies in the different parts of the UK.
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    Things That Make You Go... WTF?

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    Rebuilding (And Perhaps Re-Imagining) Notre Dame Cathedral

    That's rather worrying @maximus otter ! I'm hoping the reporting and translation led to this :( I wonder what the awarding institution is? Or perhaps they are working entirely within the Engineering Faculty and internal politics mean that they can't/won't go and talk to the Archaeologists?
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    Spinach, Iron & Popeye

    I have excess blood calcium because I don't absorb it properly. I've been advised (by somebody relevant!) to avoid more than the occasional indulgence in spinach. Which is a shame because I love the stuff and we can grow it easily!
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    Royal News

    Using the wikipedia lyrics (trad arranged by Burns). It says that the Jacobite cause is over, and what is more, is damaging the country. Ye Jacobites by name, give an ear, give an ear, Ye Jacobites by name, give an ear, Ye Jacobites by name, Your fautes I will proclaim, Your doctrines I maun...
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    Royal News

    lend an ear! land an ear! actually, that's an anti-jacobite song isn't it? :confused:
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    Cats & People—What Are They Like?!

    also All Cats Are Best.
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    The Whinge Thread, Resurrected

    I hear you! They seem always to be on a very visible and touchable place too.
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    Forgotten History

  25. Frideswide

    The Troll's Head

    all I can say is
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    The Troll's Head

    gie it laldy!
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    The Troll's Head

    I need a caff please!
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    Nigerian Student Confraternities: Secret Societies Turned Criminal Syndicates

    I find recurrent aspects of our species very unpleasant :(
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    Selkies & Feminicide

    Thank you, that's very useful. @packshaud
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    Fortean Maps: Have Such Things Ever Been Attempted?

    it's this attention to detail and chasing things up that shows you are a REAL researcher Dr! :oldm:
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    People Who Feel Wrong

    I never understand why people are so inept.
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    People Who Feel Wrong

  33. Frideswide

    Dragons: Evidence They Existed

    It's very much a standard mediaeval european trope updated isn't it? :)
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    The Everlasting Mystery Of Teaspoons

    I was wondering if it was the one who you are meant to bury in the garden for a quick house sale? I'd never heard of this until about 5 years ago. Now it seems to be "something everyone knows about" and "something we've always done". I just couldn't :(
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    Horse Costumes Of South Ronaldsay

    I have never heard of this! aren't they gorgeous costumes? A little bit like pearly kings and queens, the decoration on the black ground.
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    Charity Shop & Poundshop Finds

    @maximus otter :rollingw:
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    Fortean Maps: Have Such Things Ever Been Attempted?

    @DrPaulLee tears of joy or of frustration? So much of what I do now is electronic, but I love it when I get "a thick file of newspaper clippings and photocopies" to use. Something abuot the smell and the sight and.... it all seems more /real/ :)
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    The Vultures Are Circling (Greed & Strife Around An Impending Death)

    @dream_decoder I am so sorry you had that happen :(
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    The Unwhinge Thread

    That's good news @Iris
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    Fortean Maps: Have Such Things Ever Been Attempted?

    @DrPaulLee - please pimp your ghosts! :)
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    Things That Make You Go... WTF?

    do you think she means vulva or vagina? Perhaps she's about to launch a second candle to complete the set?
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    Offensive Bagpipes?

    A good example of Arthur Lowe playing him straight and producing dignity and pathos, I think.
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    Three Pythons And A Cat Found Dead

    were they nested, like the abomination which is Turducken?
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    Offensive Bagpipes?

    sort of relevantly, I remember the Dad's Army episode when Captain Mainwearing reveals an ability to play the bagpipes!
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    The Troll's Head

    well done that kitty!
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    Degrading Spiral Global Dynamics

    @AlchoPwn I think it's unlikely you will get a direct reply, given the status of the member :)
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    'Slavery' Alleged: Ultra-Orthodox Cult (Jerusalem; 2020)

    Just a note that this is being watched. Frideswide
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    Seeking Hachette Partwork: Beasts & Beings

    Have edited the title to reflect.... that I'm now looking for any of the 40 issues! would rather give my money to someone here than elsewhere. Any offers? :)
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    The Vultures Are Circling (Greed & Strife Around An Impending Death)

    My name is St Frideswide and I endorse this message!
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    What Are You Eating & Drinking?

    good wishes to you @Tempest63