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    Did I See A Ghost Nurse?

    Over the last twenty years I've been struck by various random health issues and recently ended up back in hospital with what turned out to be a kidney infection and sepsis. I landed up on a ward in City Hospital, Birmingham (previously called Dudley Road Hospital) a massive Victorian place...
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    a little tale of poltergeist activity

    The boards are quiet and I'm bored, so here's a little tale of poltergeist activity that happened a couple of weeks back. I was asleep in bed and was woken up by something falling on the floor. Expected to hear husband bumbling about coming to bed, but became clear he wasn't in the room. I...
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    phantom lorry thing

    I live on a quiet residential street, where we all have our own small drives and there's never many cars parked on the street. This morning, after dropping the kids off at school, I turned into my road and saw that a small lorry thing was backed onto my drive. 'Oh good!' I thought, 'They've...