1. Yithian

    John Wayne, Sacheen Littlefeather & The 'Six Security Men'

    The New Yorker, March 1994 This well-know anecdote about the 1972 Academy Awards Ceremony ('The Oscars') to which Marlon Brando sent a young Apache woman to refuse his award for Best Actor (for The Godfather) has entered the realm of Hollywood folklore--fittingly, perhaps. The tale runs...
  2. L

    The Philip Experiment (Toronto; 1970s)

    "made up" polt/spirit/gestalt I am sorry - I know we have talked about this before, but I have searched the message board without being able to find it ... so ... can anyone tell me the name of the group who decided to "contact" an entity, the name, personality, life etc of which they all just...
  3. A

    The Hexham Heads

    Does anyone know what happened to the Hexham Heads, or where they are now? I was fascinated with this story as a child, and seem to remember reading somewhere that someone owned up to making them in the end. However, I also seem to remember that in the original story there were a range of...
  4. A

    Eastern Airlines Flight 401 (Crash; UL; Ghost Of Flight 401 Book; Movie)

    I remeber a film from the early-mid eighties but can't quite remember it's name, can anyone help? It was based around an internal US flight which crashed through some sort of flaw, killing I'm not sure how many including the pilot. Bits salvaged from the plane were transplanted into others...