1. merricat

    When The Lights Went Out

    Just watched the film from 2012, no idea how I'd missed that one, but usually shy away from contemporary stock horror, much to my own detriment sometimes. But I loved this, from the wonderfully accurate setting in 1974 Yorkshire to the amazing cast. Has anyone else seen this, and what are your...
  2. gattino

    Television Debate On Exorcism (1974)

    Just stumbled on this little gem.. a british audience discussion program following the release of the exorcist. It's fascinating in multiple ways. It gives some credence to the popular belief that the movie strongly upset cinema goers at the time. Just hearing awfully awfully british voices...
  3. sherbetbizarre

    The Black Monk Of Pontefract

    Here's an old poltergeist story some of you may remember, now turned into a low-budget movie... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Black_ ... Pontefract Here's an interview with the director... http://www.screendaily.com/home/blogs/h ... 59.article I'm not sure about his line... "It is...
  4. staticgirl

    Soldiers Holding Out / Refusing To Surrender After The War

    WW2 japanese soldiers found in jungle? http://www.guardian.co.uk/japan/story/0 ... 40,00.html
  5. Yithian

    The Sinking Of The Gaul: Spies & Submarines In The Cold War

    It seems that no thread covers this interesting mystery, which thanks to the distance of time and the Official Secrets Act never got cleaned up to anyone's satisfaction. Spies on board? Sunk by the Soviets? Royal Navy accident? Seized and Scuttled? Some families believed that survivors may have...
  6. A

    John Titor: Time Traveler?

    JOHN TITOR http://johntitor.com/ I was wondering what people thought of this website?
  7. A

    Whatever Happened To Lord Lucan?

    Well guys, whaddya reckon?! :D