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  1. Paul_Exeter

    Uppermill, Oldham 'Dogman/Werewolf' [1993]

    This account was reported to British Bigfoot researcher Deborah Hatswell and featured in her book: Hatswell, Deborah. People Who Witnessed Dog Men, Werewolves, Shucks and Wulvers.: Over 60 Reported Sightings of Bipedal Canine Creatures. Book 2 in The Fortunate Unfortunate Book Series. (The...
  2. N

    There Is Something In The Woods

    I'll get right to it. I wonder if any of you forteans can connect with this. Over the years I have always enjoyed woods and forests whether it be walks, mucking around with my kids or just being in nature as a change from city life. But not all woods have the same feel. I lived near the...
  3. SleepyPanda

    The Khamar Daban Incident (1993)

    The Khamar Daban Incident aka The Buryatia Dyatlov Pass In the summer of 1993, 7 hikers travelled through the Khamar Daban mountain range in Southern Siberia. Only one hiker would survive the trip. Another experienced leader, more strange deaths...
  4. S

    The End Of The World '92/'93

    Hello, I remember turning up at school in either '92 or '93 and all anybody wanted to talk about was how the world was about to end that day. The timing was very precise - half two or thereabouts anyway, during French, we had all set our digital watches to go off during the moment of the end...
  5. R

    Street Lamp Interference & Me

    I was reading in FT219 about SLI in the Letters when I remembered an incident that happened to me and a friend in college (Western Washington University, Bellingham WA, probably in winter 1993). As I recall, my friend had an argument, a nasty loud argument, with someone else and stomped off in...
  6. M

    The Cosford / Shawbury Triangle

    www.americanchronicle.com/articles/view ... leID=16139
  7. A

    Magic Money / Cash Apports: The Opposite Of Disappearing Coins

    I started at Huddersfield University in September 1993. I couldn’t move into Halls as I lived to close to the University so instead I moved into a shared house with 3 other girls. As I was unpacking my stuff I noticed a half penny coin on the floor near the door of my wardrobe. I found this...
  8. A

    TV Broadcasts From The Future & Phantom Websites

    This is a weird one, In 1992/93 ( can't quite remember ), I was on a training course with work, it was an overnight thing, so we were given lodgings at a hotel in Nottingham, U.K, just down the road from Trent Bridge. That evening, after quite a boring day, I retired to my room and decided to...
  9. A

    The SCOLE Experiment

    Anyone familiar with this project? http://www.psisci.force9.co.uk/ They claimed some pretty wild stuff. I think the debate is still open as to the authenticity of the events. Anyone know what these people are up to now?
  10. A

    David Koresh, The Branch Davidians & The Waco Siege [1993]

    Waco: Rules Of Engagement I saw the documentary last night, i thought is was brillant. Well, at exposing some of the truths anyway. Any views on this subject? Anyone know of anygood sites with info on this