1. Ermintruder

    Ikea Flying Teeshirts TV Advertisement

    (If you've not seen the advert you are at a slight disadvantage) Ermintrude speaks with a slack-jawed 3 year old, who is watching the TV advert "Do you like the flying teeshirts?" The 3 year old nods, sagely "Do you see them when you're out for a walk with Mummy?" Again, the toddler nods...
  2. M

    Regarding An Advertisement For A Book Which Appeared In The FT ...

    ..this would be about 5 years back, when an advertisement appeared in FT for a new book that purported to explain why, after all these years of investigation, no high-quality photographs or video, or indeed any hard evidence yet existed for UFOs or other liminal phenomena. It sounded fascinating...
  3. maximus otter

    Doritos Advertisement To Be Broadcast To Aliens

    A snack manufacturer is to broadcast an advert into space. The manufacturers believe that the broadcast to extraterrestrials offers "a snapshot of life on Earth to anyone 'out there'." But aliens may be led to conclude our pale blue dot is devoid of intelligent life: the 30 second video...
  4. T

    Gay Police Group's 'Anti-Christian' Advertisement Rapped

    LONDON (Reuters) - The Gay Police Association (GPA) has been reprimanded for an advert which implied Christians were responsible for a huge rise in violent attacks on homosexuals. The advert, placed in The Independent newspaper under the banner 'in the name of the father' showed a Bible and a...
  5. G

    "Frosties Boy Is Dead" & Other Advertisement-Related ULs.

    Enjoyed watching board member Max Molyneux doing his rendition of the Frosties song on YouTube. It got me thinking though.. recently I've heard reports that the annoying kid in the ad has now died . There are a few variations on it... one is that he was murdered by a gang of yobs who recognised...
  6. Graylien

    Aliens Place Job Advertisement(s)

    Aliens from the Pleidades are seeking agents and promoters (and possibly, web designers!) Application Proceedure Anyone interested?
  7. S

    Body-Changing TV Commercial

    I used to stay up and watch the animation block on Comedy Central. Several years ago (it might have been as long ago as 97 or 98) I saw a really strange late-nite commercial that has been in the back of my mind ever since. It was an ad for this service that would transplant your mind into...
  8. R

    Grolsch Advertisement

    Just seen the new Groolsch ad. Won't spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it, bit of great Fortean/Spielberg reference.
  9. OneWingedBird

    Weird Advertisements

    (Originally posted under the title "Bloody Adverts") Erm, literally: 'Bloodvertising' to hit UK streets Advertisements in bus shelters for a new video game called Gladiator: Sword of Vengeance, will seep 'blood'. The company behind the so-called Bloodvertising say the adverts will be put up...
  10. F

    NZ Naughty Advertisement Angers US Officials

    A brothel in New Zealand is advertising for prostitutes at "Monica's" club. They made use of US symbology in the ad and surprisingly enough US officials are not very happy! Those naughty New Zealanders :) Full story here
  11. A

    Peculiar Advertisement In Saturday's Papers

    In Saturday's "The Guardian" there was a very odd 1/2 page advert by "The Lords Witnesses". It was a truly odd thing, claiming that the events of recent months had all been predicted in the book of revelations. A couple of quotes :) And so it goes on. ;) They give a website address of...