1. A

    Extraordinary Human Lifespans (Alleged / Unverified)

    125 Year Old Woman Mali's 125-year-old woman At the ripe old age of 125 years, Hawa Sacko is no longer able to get about on her own. ... ... I ask her how she feels about being the oldest person in Mali, maybe even the world. "I can't possibly...
  2. Zeke Newbold

    Is There Anything You've Grown LESS Sceptical Of?

    For me there does seems to be a direct correlation between scepticism (concerning Fortean matters) and the ageing process. To spell it out: I find myself becoming more doubtful about claims of the extraordinary the older I get. I suppose it's an equivalent of the old canard about people...
  3. M

    Human Lifespan / Longevity: Historical; Attainable; Theoretical

    RE: If modern humans emerged 100,000 years ago, why didn't civilization appear until only about 10,000 years ago? The average lifespan of a human was into the late twenties way back when.
  4. rynner2

    Ageing & Growing Old

    It happens to most of us, but gradually, as you become aware of increasing frailties, etc. But sometimes you get a blast from the past which brings home how much water has flowed under the bridge... In 1968, I was working for the Marconi Company, building the No. 2 satellite dish at...
  5. MrRING

    Human Ageing Slowing (Seeming Younger At Older Ages)
  6. A

    Anti-Ageing & Skin Care Products,4057,10479286%255E13762,00.html
  7. Yithian

    World's Oldest Pets, Livestock & Other Captive Animals

    World's Oldest Horse, Badger Can't find it anywhere, correct me if i'm wrong, must've been reported while i was offline:
  8. P

    Seeking Longer Lives; Slower Aging; Even Immortality

    Longer life span. It seems our decendents may be in for a longer life span in the not too distant future,click here for full story. Link is dead (as is the website that hosted it). Here is the text of the MIA article: SALVAGED FROM THE WAYBACK MACHINE...