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  1. ramonmercado

    A History Of Textiles

    We don't seem to a Thread devoted to ancient textiles so lets spin the yarn here. Textile archaeologists use ancient tools to weave a tapestry of the past From clay artifacts, scientists learn how fabrics were made long ago Norse sails loomed off the shores of the Holy Island of Lindisfarne...
  2. ramonmercado

    Bronze Age Discoveries & Findings

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  3. P

    Archaeology: Interpreting The Evidence

    I heard a really interesting programme on BBC Radio4, the other day. Various differing interpretations based on the data retrieved from excavations on ancient sites, in this case the enormous Iron Age site of Maiden Castle. The well known British archaeologist Sir Mortimer Wheeler dug the...
  4. rynner2

    Viking Ship Rediscovered

    Builder found Vikings washed up at pub Jack Malvern Archaeologists believe they have found the only intact Viking boat in Britain beneath the patio of a Merseyside pub. The 10th-century vessel was discovered in the 1930s by builders excavating the basement of the Railway Inn on the Wirral...
  5. P

    Ancient Greek Archaeological Finds

  6. ramonmercado

    Roman Archaeology (Miscellaneous)

  7. A

    Roman Britain: New Findings & Discoveries

    Click here for more. Link is dead. No archived version found. See following post for the MIA article's text.