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  1. Analogue Boy

    Mercury Retrograde

    I’m sure most of you are aware of how this planetary aspect affects communications, computers and is a great opportunity to calculate when things are going to go haywire. Even my savvy computer chums say you should never buy a new bit of computer kit when Mercury is retrograde as it is somehow...
  2. G

    Pre-Menstrual Tension: How Much Can Astrology Affect PMT?

    After witnessing my youngest sister change from being an incredibly placid person to becoming the Incredible She-Hulk when her mood swung, I got to wondering about pre-menstrual tension: Can astrological conjunctions, alignments and influences affect PMT? Can they make it better and/or worse...
  3. A

    Astrology Chart For Hiroshima Nuke?

    Can anyone elaborate on the idea that a astrology natal chart was produced to predict the best time to use the nuclear bomb against Japan? Was Roosevelt involved in this? Was a hidden ulterior motive used for using the bomb , in astrological terms? Who actually produced the natal chart?
  4. MrRING

    Western Or Chinese Zodiac: Which Is More Accurate?

    Just out of curiousity: regardless of if you believe it or not, which zodiac sign worldview do you think describes you better? In the western zodiac, I'm a Cancer, and that sometimes fits (depending on the description). In the Chinese zodiac, I'm the Cock (or Rooster, but Cock is funnier). I...
  5. D

    Astrology - Birth Not Conception

    My wife and i have just had a little girl - born on the 5th. As I understand it is the date of birth that determines the star sign. What I am wondering is why the birth chosen as the event that determines this, does it imply that no soul is present until the time of delivery? Also how do...