1. Z

    Australian Ghosts

    An interesting article in the Sydney Morning Herald - Australia's most haunted. I've been to most of these places. The old Quarantine Station seemed by far the most active, there was really some weird stuff going on! ... 120um.html but haunted...
  2. Erinaceus

    Victorian Grassland Earless Dragon A tiny lizard species described as the "most endangered reptile in the world" has been found in grasslands west of Melbourne in a development that scientists are...
  3. MrRING

    Urine, On The Record

    Or IN the record in this case... Aussie punk band Private Function made a limited edition "golden record" with the band's urine mixed into the vinyl. Obviously a hot take!
  4. maximus otter

    Watch The Australian Army Use Telepathy To Control Robot Dogs

    The mere thought of controlling a robot is good enough for the Australian Army. In a new test, the land force has paired with a host of technology researchers to use telepathy to control robot dogs, part of a new wave of research aimed at eliminating the need for verbal or physically inputted...
  5. ramonmercado

    Wieambilla Shooting: Australia Police Ambush Deemed Religious Terror Attack

    I think this case appeared on the Forums in the past but I can't find any trace of it. In any case the police now see it as a religious terrorisr attack so it probably is deserving of it's own Thread. Wieambilla shooting: Australia police ambush deemed religious terror attack Published 7...
  6. S

    Australian UFO Sightings (General; Miscellaneous)

    This thread has been established to consolidate miscellaneous UFO reports and commentary specifically relating to Australia. The following independent threads contain substantive content on specific incidents: Fred Birmingham's Vision (Airship Sighting / Contact?; Australia; 1868)...
  7. D

    Australian Stone-Throwing Poltergeist

    Greetings, everybody! Does anyone remember a story in the FT about a house in Australia whose inhabitants suffered for a long time from a poltergeist (?) that threw stones at them & their house? I think the events took place in the 1960s, but I don't remember. I'm trying to find the...
  8. rynner2

    Australian Archaeology

    Captain Cook's claim questioned by coin find By Nick Squires in Sydney Last Updated: 2:55am BST 31/08/2007 An archeologist claims to have found a 16th century European coin in a swamp on Australia’s east coast, raising new questions about whether Captain James Cook was beaten to the...
  9. W

    'Drop Bears'

    time to confess about our australian "drop bears" According to legend, Drop Bears are dangerous creatures that hide in gum trees. You can tell if one of them is hiding in a tree by lying on your back beneath the tree and spitting upwards. If the Drop Bear is up there, it'll spit back...
  10. A

    Phoenicians In Australia

    Doing some research I came across this while looking for gold sites for prospecting. and .Certainly when you look at a mineralisation map of the mackay/Sarina area it wood be an obvious target for a seagoing people.Just as Gympies...
  11. M

    Min Min Lights (Australian Outback)

    I haven't been able to find a thread on this but as min is 3 letters.......... Link is dead. No archived version found. More details on the book:
  12. A

    Cries In The Dark: Dingo Attacks

    Skull find could be missing Briton's I remember seeing the story of this disappearance in FT - maybe he just showed up: Police in Australia are trying to identify a human skull found on a popular tourist island amid speculation it could be the remains of a tourist from London who disappeared...
  13. A

    Frederick Valentich Disappearance (Australia; 1978)

    Frederick Valentich This is a case that's always fascinated me, and is perhaps the most convincing case of a possible alien abduction, certainly when compared to the hypnotic regression and rectal probe gang. The details are posted here, in particular the transcript of the conversation between...
  14. A

    Saved By The Dead

    SAVED BY THE DEAD? Tegan My Uncle Adam is a pilot flying 12 seater planes for Hutchinson Airlines in Sydney, Australia. One day while preparing for a routine flight from Sydney to Papua New Guinea, he was stopped at the very last moment by an air controller (John) telling him he had a very...
  15. A

    The Yowie

    Just wanted to get others thoughts on a theory I heard on Tele. Basically theres an Australian guy called Tim the Yowie man.He claims to be Australias leading cryptonaturalist. He believes that most of the worlds famous monsters,i.e.Big foot,yetis etc are all yowies. He even believes...