aviation ghosts

  1. rynner2

    First Manned Flight

    Was it by this chap? (Photos on source page.) http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/3042182.stm
  2. A

    Eastern Airlines Flight 401 (Crash; UL; Ghost Of Flight 401 Book; Movie)

    I remeber a film from the early-mid eighties but can't quite remember it's name, can anyone help? It was based around an internal US flight which crashed through some sort of flaw, killing I'm not sure how many including the pilot. Bits salvaged from the plane were transplanted into others...
  3. A

    Aviation & Airport Ghosts

    silent planes when i was aound 10-11yrs i was walking to my nanna and grandads on a sunday morning with my mam whan we saw a plane a very very large bomber style one flying around 300-400 feet above the local houses and it did so with no noise at all then just as we watched it just flew away...