1. Swifty

    The Bible (Miscellaneous)

    Can that famous quote be pinned on/attributed to the Christian culture? ..
  2. Q

    The Bible: What Is Its Purpose?

    This question was asked by me in a different thread during a debate about what cirtain parts of the Bible actualy mean, and stuneville suggested we start a new thread on the subject. So here it is. My question was, what is the purpose of the Bible? I've heard it described by many Christians to...
  3. A

    The Bible: Is It Worth Reading?

    I was raised in the Roman Catholic faith (or rather I had it forced upon me). When I eventually got to an age where I was able to make my own decisions as to my faith, I stopped going to mass and became sceptical of anything which others expect me to accept without question. However, I don't...