1. Vardoger

    UFO Supposedly Crashed In Brazil

    A lot of reports about a UFO crashing and several UFO witness reports in Brazil. Most info is on social media.
  2. lordmongrove

    South American Man-Beasts (Brazil)

    Neo-tropical ape-men
  3. McAvennie

    The Brazilian 'Saci'

    Now, I don't believe in this kind of thing but I have had some experiences over the past week that make me see how those susceptible to believing in such things could be convinced of their existence. Logically, it is all just coincidence, but... So, I've been working on a Brazil-based project...
  4. M


    One would have been an accident but two is asking for trouble. The again if any country is looking to imprison more Yanks then this could be an easy route ;) Emps