1. rynner2

    Cats & People—What Are They Like?!

    Yes, it's a brand new Cats thread! Should I rescue a stray cat on holiday? If you've ever been abroad and dreamt about taking a stray cat home with you, here is how you should do it By Natalie Paris 12:50PM BST 26 Aug 2014 Have you ever eaten out in a sunny country only to be greeted...
  2. A

    Anomalous Felines

    To all: Reports of anomalous felines seem to be fairly common on the Fortean Times website, now. There is, for example, the section devoted to the Anomalous Big Cats in the British Isles, and the mysterious leopard or jaguar type big cat near Olinda, on Maui. On June 16, in Clarks...