1. EnolaGaia

    Odd Or Unique Coins

    This Swiss commemorative limited issue coin is odd enough for depicting Einstein sticking out his tongue. The weirdness is heightened by the fact the coin is so small a magnifying glass is included so you can clearly see the image. SOURCE:
  2. Wreckless

    Spanish Coins That Significantly Predate Columbus Found In The Utah Desert

    Mystery of the Spanish coins that predate Christopher Columbus by 200 years and have been found deep in the Utah desert Spanish treasure that predates the arrival of Columbus has been found in Utah The two coins, one minted in Madrid, were uncovered at Glen Canyon park One is dated to 1200s...
  3. Ascalon

    Roman Coins Discovered Beneath Japanese Castle

    The Independent is reporting that coins bearing the image of Constantine I have been discovered under an Okinawa castle, leading to all sorts of speculation as to how they got there. The report ads that Ottoman coins were also found in the excavation.
  4. Spookdaddy

    Modified Or Repurposed Coins

    This is an edited version of a couple of posts I made some years back on another thread. Kind of outwith the general thrust of this thread: it's not so much a mystery how they got where they got - but why they've been treated the way they have is still a bit of a headscratcher: These were...
  5. liveinabin

    Randomly Encountered & OOP Coins Or Currency

    Nothing too odd but I thought I would share a couple of occasions when coins have randomly appeared. About 10 years ago I went to Japan with my husband. We were waiting in the departures of Heathrow when I left him sitting with our bags while I went to the toilet. When I got back my husband...
  6. Dickydevo

    Ancient Chinese and Roman Coins Found in North America

    Recently I`ve found a few references to ancient (hundreds or thousands) of years old coins in the U.S. or Canada in old newspaper reports.Does anyone have any similar stories?
  7. Vardoger

    Fake Krona Coin Mocks 'Whorer' Swedish King Externally linked image is MIA or prevented from loading.
  8. liveinabin

    New Coins / Coinage!!

    Am i the only one who didn't know the coins were changing? Source
  9. M

    17th Century French Coin Avec UFO?

    Worth a warning - PRWeb will do a press release for you if you pa them the wonger and some dubious old rubbish has been pumped out as a result (although that needn't mean it is rubbish just to be cautious). Source (pictures of both sides available from there)
  10. M

    Gold Coins Given To The Salvation Army

    Who is doing it?? Source
  11. M

    Coin Depicting Mystery Roman Emperor Found

    In more Emperor news: Emps
  12. M

    Roman Coin Discovered In New Zealand