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  1. lordmongrove

    Kids Destroy Million-Pound House Whilst Hunting For Ghost

    Kids may have destroyed a $1.5M home with chainsaws and axes because it's 'supposed to have a ghost,' one of their dads said
  2. Lord Lucan

    Medieval Murder Maps

    This is really interesting: The London Medieval Murder Map Whilst the page itself gives some basic information, here's a more detailed explanation...
  3. Zeke Newbold

    How Many Forteans Are Interested In True Crime?

    On a recent visit to London I found myself in one of the famous large bookstores - Foyles I think it might have been. After some looking around, I aked a Sales assistant where the Unexplained section was. `We don't have one`, he replied. `we don't even have a True Crime section`. The...
  4. A

    Walled-Up Bodies

    Weird story found in "Le Figaro", one of the main French newspapers : A lady from the town of Livry Gargan left her flat for 6 months in order to visit some family and friends in Algeria. During her absence she rented her flat to a couple "who planned to make some works" within the precincts (...
  5. Yithian

    Discovery Of Human Thumb & Index Finger In Crow's Beak Sparks Police Investigation

    Crow drops mystery clue propelling murder probe in Istanbul BY DAILY SABAH WITH AGENCIES JUN 22, 2023 9:56 AM A bizarre and chilling incident unfolded at a local fuel station, capturing the attention of authorities and leaving the community bewildered. The discovery of a human foot's [sic]...
  6. Yithian

    GP Denies Giving Woman Cups Of Coffee Containing His Own Semen

    Apart from the puerile appeal of the headline, I am not sure what to make of his alleged medical condition. A Somerset doctor who denies putting his semen into a cup of coffee he made for a woman acquaintance believes it was done as a practical joke by somebody else at his expense, a jury heard...
  7. Yithian

    Mumbai Dead-Rat Hunt Leads To Something Far Worse

    STORY NOT FOR THE FAINT-HEARTED Stench made neighbours look for dead rat Sandhya Nair / TNN / Jun 9, 2023, 03:28 IST MUMBAI: Foul smell prompted three neighbours of Sane (46), accused of killing his live-in partner and chopping and pressure cooking her body in his Mira Roadflat, to scan their...
  8. Yithian

    Author Of Children's Book On Grieving Charged With Husband's Murder

    Utah author of book on grieving death charged with murder By SAM METZ SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — After her husband died last year, she wrote a children’s book on grief. Now she’s charged with his murder. Kouri Richins was arrested on Monday in Utah and is accused in charging documents of poisoning...
  9. MrRING

    Murder Will Out: Beliefs About Killing

    I was thinking about the phrase "murder will out", which indicates a vague belief that I think many would think true: if you kill somebody, you will eventually be discovered regardless of how clever you are. What are other superstions and legends that exist in regards to murder? I'm sure there...
  10. Yithian

    Rash Of Mile-High Urine Attacks

    On New York-Delhi flight again, man urinates on co-flyer INDIA (Apr 25, 2023, 02:58 IST) NEW DELHI: A person flying on Sunday night allegedly urinated on a co-passenger and was handed over to the cops on landing in the capital on Sunday night. In this case too, the accused was inebriated when...
  11. Yithian

    Reputed Site Of Gambling Magnate's Buried Treasure Sold For $1.9M In Pahrump After Suspicious Death

    PAHRUMP (KLAS) — It’s a story with all the makings of a wild west movie: casino executive Ted Binion’s suspicious death, buried silver and never found gold and diamonds, a treasure map, and possible arson is beginning a new chapter. The 138-acre Pahrump property where Binion’s silver stash was...
  12. MrRING

    Man Shot For Refusing To Drag Race

    It happened right here in Atlanta:
  13. Yithian

    Suspicious Deaths Among South Korean 'Villa Kings'

    The economics/politics behind South Korea's unique property market and the recent decline in the extremely high prices it has generated are extremely complex, but this new twist—the deaths of a number of mass-owning landlords who may not be what they appear—is murkier still. I take a personal...
  14. maximus otter

    The Crooked House In Himley: The Pub Where Coins 'Roll Uphill'

    The Crooked House, in Himley, West Midlands, has attracted fans from the four corners of the world since it became a pub in the 1830s. And it's all down to its odd structure and crooked bar. Said to be a favourite of visitors, the building slants to the left and is decorated with crooked...
  15. lordmongrove

    Animal Crime

    Persian criminals who included tortoises, cats and apes in their gangs...
  16. maximus otter

    'Murder Houses': How Does Violence Impact Sale Prices?

    As the ongoing fascination with “true crime” entertainment continues, so too does the fascination with homes where insidious events went down. The owners of a home in Westfield, New Jersey, are currently dealing with an influx of visitors after Netflix’s “The Watcher” — which chronicles a series...
  17. A

    Sacrificial Murder Case In India

    Three men arrested in India (Kochi, Kerala province) for the "brutal murder of two women in the name of ritualistic human sacrifice for financial prosperity". It appears that the mastermind behind the crime influenced his accomplices through superstition and promises of fortune, but was actually...
  18. MrRING

    James Cameron's Titanic: The PCP Incident

    I don't know how I had never heard of this before!
  19. hunck

    Trafficking & Smuggling Endangered Or Protected Species

    A huge collection of more than 1,000 endangered stuffed animals has been discovered in a warehouse in Spain. The country’s national police force Guardia Civil revealed the private taxidermy haul is one of the largest ever to be found in Europe, and is worth a whopping £24 million on the black...
  20. ramonmercado

    Rapist, Fugitive & Fraud? Is 'Arthur Knight' Really Nicholas Rossi?

    A strange one, looks as if he may well be the fugitive though. It is a bizarre case that has been making international headlines. A man was arrested on a Covid ward in a Glasgow hospital and accused by the US authorities of being a fugitive who faked his own death to evade justice. They say...
  21. maximus otter

    Global Gangsters Caught In Encrypted Phone Sting

    Thousands of global underworld figures used encrypted phones to coordinate drug deals, arms transfers and gangland hits, unaware law enforcement agencies planted the devices as part of a worldwide sting revealed Tuesday. Over three years, "Operation Trojan Shield" helped distribute thousands...
  22. ramonmercado

    The Vallow / Daybell Case: MIA Kids / Fugitive Mom / Apocalyptic Cult

    This is an interesting tale: three suspicious deaths, missing children, a cult based on apocalyptic teachings. The US mother whose two young children have been missing for months has been arrested in Hawaii amid a complicated search operation spanning the US. Lori Daybell, 46, left for Hawaii...
  23. blessmycottonsocks

    Novichok In Salisbury: Secret Agents & Nerve Agents In Britain

    Some forumists over at The Guardian (yes I know) are claiming that the Novichok nerve agent used in Salisbury was a "false flag" operation to discredit Putin and detract from the UK government's economic and other Brexit-related problems. I'm sure we're a more sensible and level-headed bunch...
  24. James_H

    Serial Killer Cults

    I was introduced to this subject by this excellent podcast. Basically, it seems that some serial killers have claimed to have worked for or have been part of a wider network, often a satanic cult who commit murders as sacrifices. It seems like most of these claims are paper-thin (Henry Lee...
  25. Vardoger

    The Jeffrey Epstein & Ghislaine Maxwell Scandal

    Another link to a copy of list. Hard to tell who is clients and who is friends of him.
  26. Cochise

    Operation Yewtree & Other Historical Child-Abuse Allegations

    This thread has been extracted from the now closed Jimmy Savile threads, and is for discussion regarding the wider Yewtree investigation and trials. There is a dedicated Savile thread here. Stu. --------------- Quote is a comment on the DM article regarding the Cyril Smith allegations...
  27. G

    Owzabout That Then? The Jimmy Savile Revelations & Aftermath

    OK, so so far it's come out that Jimmel Fixit has abused kids all over the country, including the Haut de La Garenne childern's home in the Channel Islands. 60 possible victims since 1959, according to the latest as of posting. A friend of the Thatchers. A friend of Prince Charles. And...
  28. ramonmercado

    Vatican Villains

    Edit to amend title.
  29. H

    Ghost Tales From Everyday People

    I am 60 this year, and I have been amazed just how many rational people have admitted they have either seen or felt a ghost. I got to talk intimately with men and women when I was a nurse and carer, so perhaps they felt they could confide in someone who would give them a sympathetic ear. I...
  30. OneWingedBird

    Burglars Target High-Risk CCTV Security Cameras

    This is quite funny, and ironic for a device that's supposed to prevent crime, or at least help detect it. The bit with the operator sound like it could be a scene from a comedy film! ...
  31. C

    Treasure Hunters / Tomb Raiders

    Hi, About 9-10 years ago I visited a rather unusual household while helping my father with his Reprographics business. We were delivering a Photocopier and it was a two man job to carry the machine into th customers detached semi-rural house. After setting up the copier and drinking tea I...
  32. OneWingedBird

    Universal Church Of The Kingdom Of God

    I'd have to confess to never having heard of these guys before, then earlier today a young lass came round pushing newspapers through letterboxes, at first i thought it was one of the local flavours of free paper that the council or police put out, then i twigged that it looked a bit odd...
  33. S

    Cold Cases

    Police follow lead on children missing for nearly forty year Growing up in Adelaide, I was inundated with media stories about the disappearance of the three Beaumont children from suburban Glenelg beach in 1966, which one remians one of Australia's greatest unsolved crimes. The latest lead...
  34. A

    The Madeleine McCann Disappearance

    Toddler 'abducted' during holiday Madeleine disappeared while her parents were at a nearby restaurant Sniffer dogs have been brought in to help search for a three-year-old from Britain who may have been abducted on holiday with her family in Portugal. Madeleine McCann's parents, from...
  35. ramonmercado

    Indian Serial Killers

  36. Mal_Adjusted

    Neo-Nazi Terrorism,,1867379,00.html
  37. G

    Arthur's Seat Coffins

    Every time I visit Chambers Steet Museum in Edinburgh , I make a point of having a look at these . They were 17 tiny coffins , each containing a small figure , and were found buried on Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh back in the 1936 . If I recall correctly , thes coffins also formed part of the plot...
  38. Mal_Adjusted

    John Dee's Crystal Stolen From Science Museum

    Hi Link is dead. Quoted text herein is the entirety of the original article. An archived version of the original article can be accessed via the Wayback Machine:
  39. T

    Frauds, Scams & Cons (General; Miscellaneous)

    This is a strange one. A very strange one I should have said.
  40. S

    Crimes Involving Fossils

    Plenty more Dinosaur smugglers to go :(
  41. M

    Gang Names

    I thought Jack 'The Hat' McVitie sounded daft but these guys..... Also a cautionary note on reporting ;),4386,246698,00.html There was one report in the "World's Dumbest Criminals" tread about a killer who's gang nickname was 'The Killer'...
  42. A

    Laser Scanners At The Casino: 'Sting' Uncovers Hi-Tech Cheating Scam

    ARCHIVED SOURCE:,,30100-13023146,00.html Three people have been arrested on suspicion of swindling more than £1m from the Ritz casino. The two men and one woman from Eastern Europe were held after scooping the...
  43. A

    Japanese Killer

    i heard this when i was at uni...about...9 years ago. i was studying jewellery and metalsmithing. one of my lecturers was a well known australian metalsmith, who was going to work in japan for a bit, doing lectures and stuff. anyway, he gets into japan and is pulled aside in customs by...
  44. A

    Preposterous Imposters (Identity Thieves; Fraudsters; Etc.) Quote "The fake El Salvador national football team fled the country Tuesday, three days before their scheduled departure, after they were sensationally exposed as impostors." They still managed a 0-0 tie, now they are off to Houston...
  45. M

    Theodore Kaczynski: The Unabomber

    There didn't seem to be a Unabomber thread so here it is!! Anyway I know its a bit trivial but its a quiz to see if you know who said what:: Al Gore or the Unabomber Emps
  46. M

    When Grannies Attack
  47. K

    Charles Manson

    Helter Skelter film planned Seems no one wants to play role of Charles M. Who do you think should play him? Or should film not be made? Maybe Colin Farrel?
  48. A

    Chemical Crimes: Poisons, Poisoners & Poisonings

    Wasn't there something in FT a long time ago about women criminals in somewhere like Korea putting sedative drugs on their nipples and then getting unsuspecting men to partake. Man falls into deep sleep only to find himself a wallet and valuables lighter........
  49. escargot

    Colin Norris: The 'Angel Of Death' Nurse

    Nurse to be questioned on deaths of 19 patients Is this sort of thing happening more often, or are we just hearing about it more? As far as I know there are at least 2 other such cases being investigated in English hospitals right now.
  50. MrRING

    Is Sweeney Todd's Barber Shop Still There?

    I just got through reading the Crime Library's listing for Sweeney Todd and, in one of the graphics, it had a picture of what I took to be Sweeney Todd's actual shop. Does his shop still exist, the swivling barber's chair to drop victims to the basement, the catacombs that connected Sweeney...