derelict ships

  1. Tribble

    Death Ships (Derelict Vessels With Corpses Aboard)

    Five corpses and two human heads have been discovered inside a shipwreck on the coast of Japan. The boat washed ashore on Japan's Sado Island, northwest from the mainland, on Friday and authorities gained access on Saturday. The heavily damaged vessel had Korean lettering painted on its side...
  2. JamesWhitehead

    Derelict Ships & Vessels (Abandoned; No One Aboard)

    I came across this when researching something else. These three articles tell a curious tale which was new to me, though curiously familiar. ... eworld.htm 15 January 2003 Ghost ship packed with rotten fish found on high sea CANBERRA -...
  3. A

    The Ourang Medan Mystery (Derelict Ship / Dead Crew)

    if we're mentioning derelicts how about the Ourang Medan? well spooky