1. Nosmo King

    Whatever Happened To The Brontosaurus?

    Whatever happened to the Brontosaurus, when i was a kid the two big plant eating dinos were the Diplodocus and the Brontosausus, now it seems to be called Brachiosaurus, i looked it up and its aparently down to genus of dinosaur vs genus of lizard, but you never hear the name Brontsaurus in...
  2. blessmycottonsocks

    Kasai Rex

    Does Mokele M'Bembe have a rival? Alleged theropod dinosaur (or could be a new crocodile species or some sort of large monitor lizard) reported in the Congo. Been doing the rounds on Pinterest, along with some decidedly dodgy photos. https://cryptidz.fandom.com/wiki/Kasai_Rex
  3. CarlosTheDJ

    Mummified Dinosaur Reveals Surprises

  4. T

    Did Dinosaurs Survive Until The Recent Past?

    just a thought but is it possible that dinosaurs exsisted in england,or possibly wales,in our recent past thus spawning legends of dragons and the heroic killing of said?
  5. P

    Did Dinosaurs Live In Low Gravity?

    Don't really know which thread to put this in, so mods feel free to move. My son has to do an extended essay involving maths for school and the teacher told him to investigate whether dinosaurs could live in the modern world like in the Jurassic Park film. Apparently there is a theory that...
  6. E

    Italian Church Dinosaur

    Anyone got any ideas on this? This medieval painting was in San Marco church in Milan, Italy and shows Knight Visconti killing the dragon that terrorized Milan people in the middle age. It is interesting because differs from all others medieval versions of the dragon. The dinosaur-like shape of...
  7. M

    Dinosaur Skin

    http://www.sltrib.com/utah/ci_2419563 If anyone is in the area then I'd recommend they go along - it sounds great.
  8. M

    Dinosaurs: New Findings & Theories

    Original thread title under which this was posted: Dinosaur Ass Print http://www.thespectrum.com/news/stories/20040326/localnews/152089.html
  9. S

    Feathered / Flying Dinosaurs & The Evolution Of Birds

    from 'ere and 'ere
  10. A

    What Really Did Kill The Dinosaurs?

    Taken from AOL news (No link, sorry, members only access.) DINOSAUR EXTINCTION THEORY BLOWN APART NEW dinosaur discoveries have blown apart the theory that the reptiles died out as the result of a giant meteorite striking Earth. Scientists had thought a single impact off the coast of...