1. SugaryGhost

    Disappearance Of Buzzy

    Have any of you heard of the disappearance of the “Buzzy” animatronic from Disney’s disused Epcot attraction “Cranium Control”...
  2. B

    Granger Taylor Disappearance (Vancouver Island; 1980)

    Fot those of you who are interested in possible alien abduction stories, I just watched this documentary about Granger Taylor who was a British Columbian resident who went missing in 1980 after telling people he was going to meet and be picked up by aliens. His disappearance has not been...
  3. rynner2

    The Disappearance Of Margaret Fleming

    This is a strange one: Garden dug up of missing woman last seen in public in 1999 The garden of a woman reported missing in Inverclyde six weeks ago is to be excavated after it emerged she was last seen in public 17 years ago. Police Scotland said that apart from her carers, the last...
  4. rynner2

    Gourmet Vanishes - Or Did He? (Pascal Henry; 2007)

    The last supper: mystery of the Swiss motorbike courier Five countries, 40 gourmet restaurants, 120 Michelin stars – but what happened to the Swiss motorcycle courier after his meal at El Bulli? By John Lichfield in Paris Friday, 1 August 2008 Here is a mystery which would have whetted...
  5. A

    The Madeleine McCann Disappearance

    Toddler 'abducted' during holiday Madeleine disappeared while her parents were at a nearby restaurant Sniffer dogs have been brought in to help search for a three-year-old from Britain who may have been abducted on holiday with her family in Portugal. Madeleine McCann's parents, from...
  6. DrPaulLee

    The Mary Celeste: What Do You Think?

    The Mystery of the Mary Celeste. This was on Channel 5 tonight and I thought it presented a plausible reason for the Mary Celeste. However, I am wary as Channel 5 have been known to be selective in the evidence they display! What did others think? Paul
  7. A

    Angikuni / Anjikuni Lake Inuit Village Disappearance

    I can remember reading a story somewhere about a whole village disappearing. I am pretty sure it was an eskimo/inuit (not sure what to call them) village in the north of Canada. If I remember correctly a hunter/tracker dude had seen something strange in the sky in the general direction of...
  8. M

    The Strange Disappearance of Colonel Percy Harrison Fawcett

  9. gyrtrash

    Flannan Islands: Mysterious Disappearance

    This is one of my favourite weird tales! It's like a 'Mary Celeste', but happened on the remote islands west of the Hebrides at the beginning of the last century. 'Strange Islands. The Flannan Islands have long been the focal point of many superstitions by the local people. Indeed there...
  10. A

    Franklin Expedition: Disappearance; Discoveries; Conspiracy?

    Does anyone know of the conspiracy regarding the loss of the Franklin Expedition during the search for the Northwest Passage? There has been considerable evidence to prove that the Admirality made certain that he was not found. They made sure nobody found the messages left in the he set up...
  11. A

    Amelia Earhart

    Amelia Earhart was the most celebrated aviatrix in history and was one of the most famous women of her time. As America's charismatic “Lady of the Air,” she set many aviation records, including becoming the first woman to fly across the Atlantic in 1928 as a passenger, the first woman (and...
  12. A

    Frederick Valentich Disappearance (Australia; 1978)

    Frederick Valentich This is a case that's always fascinated me, and is perhaps the most convincing case of a possible alien abduction, certainly when compared to the hypnotic regression and rectal probe gang. The details are posted here, in particular the transcript of the conversation between...
  13. S

    The Disappearance Of Benjamin Bathurst (1809)

    What is the famous British disappearance of the fellow who walked around the team of horses, never to be seen again? What was his name? And are there any other noted disappearce cases I can look into (not missing people, but people who just VANISH.)?
  14. A

    The Fate of Glenn Miller

    Has the mystery of Glenn Millers disappearance ever been solved?Did he actually take off at all?Why no wreckage and no reports of any Norseman aircraft in the area on the day in question.Did he in fact arrive in Paris and die in circumstances which would have handed a massive propaganda coup to...