1. G

    What Did You Dream Of Last Night?

    Last night before bed I watched an episode of The World at War. At some point in the night I dreamt of being back in Mansfield, it was night(early hours of the morning?) and I was for some reason part of a group training to become a member of the Hitler Youth!!?!?!? I found myself sat...
  2. OneWingedBird

    Sleep Paralysis In a Dream Within A Dream

    thought i'd put this in here as i couldn't find a thread for nested dreams/dreams within dreams (merge away if there is one) and it's odd enough i didn't think it would sit well in either the 'vanilla' dreams or sp threads. Last night i was having a dream where i was in a cinema, don't recall...
  3. A

    Dream Data Transfer

    Hi I still remember a dream that occurred 6-7 years ago. Nothing special but it involved my mother's aunt. I can't remember any details but what struck me about Aunt Tania in that dream was that she had dyed her hair! In my dream she had gorgeous platinum blond hair. I remember how surprised...
  4. A

    Just in Case (Recording Dream About Skydiver Accident)

    Ooh, just remembered. Had a dream last night about loads of people being killed in a parachuting accident and thought I had better record it for posterity just in case it turned out to be prophetic. It was a display team who were trying to do that thing where they stack up one above the other...
  5. A

    Compendium of Dreams (1)

    dreams?? This thread is a merging of several old Dream threads: all were at least a year old, and mostly very short. - Rynner 6.12.02 __________________________________________________ i'm going to start this thread for people to post any weird dreams they have had lately, and for anyone...