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  1. kamalktk

    Judas Goats

    There were a couple of mentions of "Judas Goats" on the forums, but no information on what they actually were. tldr: tobacco addicted goats led lambs to the slaughter. Judas Goats: Agriculture’s Bizarre, Drug-Addicted Masters of Deceit Once Ruled the Killing Floor...
  2. Kondoru


    Anyhow this line of thought started when I bought a couple of slices of simnel cake from the community cafe for me and Dad as an Easter treat. (£2 each and a bargain). The cake was very extravagant and over spiced and I commented to Dad that this is what anyone who had money in medieval times...
  3. Swifty

    Weird, Rare, Forgotten & Discontinued Food Products

    What has a hazelnut in every bite? .. squirrel shit
  4. maximus otter

    Monks Invented A Sign Language To Eat In Silence

    Mealtime peace is well known concept in many Norwegian homes: You should sit still at the table and enjoy the food you are served. Monks back in the day, took this to a new level. Speaking during meals was forbidden, and so a new sign language was born. Marianne Vedeler is a professor of...
  5. lordmongrove

    From Floating Market To Boot Camp & Death: The World's Fattest Monkey

    Uncle Fatty, the simian lard arse is sent off to lose weight. A monkey who has been given the nickname ‘uncle fatty’ is finally getting help for his obesity. The 33lb long-tailed macaque will go to boot camp after gorging on food from tourists including melons, milkshakes, sweetcorn and...
  6. Ermintruder

    LGBT Sandwich: Is That Queer Or What?

    I saw this in the flesh crumb yesterday, at a motorway service station it's a Marks & Spencer Lettuce, Guacamole, Bacon & Tomato sandwich. Which is a bit queer- or is it? I did expect there'd be lots about this on the internet...and oh yes there is...
  7. James_H

    Is 'Vegan Meat' Just MEAT?

    I had some vegan jerky the other day that I would happily have believed was real meat had I not known otherwise. Is there a real life, marginally softer version of the plot to Soylent Green going on...
  8. GNC

    Expensive & Exclusive Food

    Mythconceptions in the latest FT poses the question, how do you judge the world's most expensive food? Whose word do you take for it? What are the criteria? Is it really white truffles, for example? Anyone have any idea?
  9. Swifty

    Eating Mammoth

    I'm sorry if this is in the wrong part of the forum?. I've been trying to find an old (1890's?)photograph supposedly showing a load of aristocrat looking types sat inside a large dinosaur's rib cage and dining on thawed out Wooly Mammoth steaks. This is the most credible sounding link I've found...
  10. Yithian

    Good Eggs 'N Bad Eggs

    I am a lover of the humble egg. Look at it: perfection made egg. Like fluffy clouds topped with smiley suns! They're a hugely versatile ingredient and I consume them daily with no discernible issues, a standard waistline and normal levels of cholesterol. But a few conversations have given me...
  11. ramonmercado

    Evidence Of Fish Consumption By Early Modern Humans In China

    Perhaps they will also find evidence of the first fish n chip shop as well as early take aways. First Direct Evidence Of Substantial Fish Consumption By Early Modern Humans In China 40,000 Years Ago ... 171544.htm ScienceDaily (July 13, 2009) —...
  12. ramonmercado

    The Vegetarian & Vegan Thread

  13. N

    Chips (French Fries; Fries)

    Are people in the UK really this dim? :shock:
  14. R

    U.S. Man Survives Chocolate Ordeal

    I like chocolate too but you can have too much....
  15. S

    Strange Things As Food & Drink

    It's really long... the last few paragraphs are ... well, just read them. ... ature.html Oh, how I hope this is a joke.
  16. ramonmercado

    The Pizza Thread

    Army pilot rap over pizza flight The Lynx was on a low-level flight A lieutenant has been disciplined after using an Army helicopter to deliver a pizza to his girlfriend. The incident on 25 January saw the unnamed officer divert from a routine training flight over Stanford, Norfolk, to...
  17. R

    Crisps (Potato Chips & Similar Snacks)

    Can anyone clarify this? I've never visited the States but I heard that you can only get plain crisps (or chips as I think they are called there) in the USA , they do not allow any of the "exotic" or less exotic flavours that we do possible due to concern about ingredients I guess. Is this true?
  18. MrRING

    Urine Cakes For Truth

    Talk about your crazy method to get the truth. From: January 20 Nine-year-old Elizabeth Parris and eleven-year-old Abigail Williams began to exhibit strange behavior, such as blasphemous screaming, convulsive seizures...
  19. chromehalo

    Was Hitler A Vegetarian?

    One of the banal myths is that Hitler was an animal loving Vegetarian when he was in fact a flatulent genocidal Carnivore.
  20. MrRING


    I have heard that it is impossible to grow real truffles in a harvestable way - is this true? It seems like here at the truffle faq site: that it is probably never going to happen: Attempts are being made to farm truffles due to...
  21. OneWingedBird

    Notably Large / Largest Fruits & Vegetables (Guinness Records, Etc.)

    Pretty much what it says on the can. A friend found this on another board, but I figured it's weird enough to amuse a few Forteans...