foreign object

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    Needles Embedded In The Body

    Source Link is dead. The MIA story (quoted in its entirety below) can be accessed via the Wayback Machine: The cynical...
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    Foreign Objects Moving / Migrating Within One's Body

    This is probably the best place for this tale. My ex hubby once stepped on a sea anemone (?sp) in Spain and had the spikes in his foot. The doctors left them there saying they would come out on their own. Well 2 weeks later they did come out - of his nose!!!!! :cross eye
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    Impaled! (Foreign Objects Thrust Into Or Through The Body)

    I'm not sure if this counts as good or bad luck: Emps
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    It's All In Your Head (Objects Piercing Or Embedded In One's Head)

    For news on people who get stuff jammed in their head (knives, nails, etc.). Source