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    Peruvian History & Archaeology

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    Inca Observatory Largest Found

    Two Inca observatories discovered in Peru From AFP August 01, 2004 LIMA: US and Peruvian archaeologists have discovered two Inca observatories in central Peru, which they said are the most imposing of the stone structures found to date. The discovery of the observatories, announced Friday...
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    Inca Stone Damaged A foolish thing to do. Pachamama may well get angry.
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    Khipu / Quipu: Counting With Knots [The Incan Counting System]
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    South American Mummies (Peruvian; Inca; Pre-Inca; etc.)

    According to the BBC archaeologists have made a major find of mummified corpses in Peru (link here ): 'Archaeologists have discovered a collection of thousands of mummies in a shanty town close to the Peruvian capital Lima. They date from the last years of the Inca civilisation, around...