1. N

    Those Mysterious Knockings!

    ... I'm looking answers on phantom knocking for the past year it has been happening many times I use bells and many other charms to protect my home but this knocking is driving me crazy (Copied from the New Members' thread by way of introducing this topic ... )
  2. Zombigirl85

    The Three Knocks

    I would be grateful for anyones insight into something that keeps happening to me. Usually occuring in the morning, around 6-8am, not every morning, perhaps maybe 3 or 4 times a month. I will be woken sharply by three abrupt, fast and very loud knocks. They sound exactly the same as when someone...
  3. A

    Three Knocks

    Ok heres the strangest of all my stranges. What on earth are these 3 knocks i keep hearing? Mainly on windows around me. Not just in my house and other houses/buildings but in cars! and worse still my embaresment. I remember once going to the place i worked to hand in my notice...
  4. A

    Knocks, figures and other odd occurrences

    I thought I would finally get around to documenting some odd experiences I had in the house I grew up in in Auckland, New Zealand. These events happened in the 80s and 90s - I left home in 1996. I hope you find this interesting and not too long! 1. The location. The family house in...