1. Schwadevivre

    Linguistic Dexterity: Bilingualism; Multilingualism; Language Learning

    Which doe raise the question about whether all children should be brought up bilingual. It would also be interesting to see if the hearing children of deaf parents show similar flexibility.
  2. R

    Inter-Species & Human / Animal Communication

    recent news stories about a very verbal intelligent birds able to use human language has me thinking. has the morphic field of human language use influenced other animals? (my theory does sound something like the novel The Dreaming Dragons by the great Damien Broderick in which human...
  3. ramonmercado

    Language Evolution Over Time (New Words; Inter-Era Intelligibility; Etc.) Link is dead. The MIA webpage (quoted in full above) can be accessed via the Wayback Machine: Related Articles Structure exposes the evolutionary roots of languages...
  4. T

    Bird Communication & Language

    Budgie Communication This is fascinating! Link is dead, and so is the domain. ---<snip>------------- The main focus of the study is about a budgie named Victor who had a vocabulary of more than 800 words and thousands of phrases. It shows how he...
  5. A

    The Origins & Evolution Of Human Language / Languages

    First language gene discoverd, Im not to sure how we post interesting news story's but here goes. I get these story's using the BBC news ticker, its a little bar that sits on your desktop, and that days headlines scroll across and if you...