leonardo da vinci

  1. EnolaGaia

    Da Vinci's Optically Odd 'Salvator Mundi' Orb Finally Explained

    There have been debates for a long time over the odd appearance of the orb appearing in Salvator Mundi. By using computer rendering techniques to simulate a variety of possible orb configurations scientists now believe they can explain what sort of object it really represents. FULL STORY...
  2. EnolaGaia

    Da Vinci Exhumation—To Prove He Was Mona Lisa Model?

    SOURCE: hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/E/ ... _MYSTERIES Link is dead. No archived version found.
  3. M

    Leonardo da Vinci's Inventions

    da Vinci invented plastics What didn't he do first? Probably only Marilyn Monroe ;) http://dsc.discovery.com/news/briefs/20040202/leonardo.html Emps