1. EnolaGaia

    "Bolt From The Blue" Lightning (Striking Elsewhere Than Beneath A Storm)

    Here's an AccuWeather video and article illustrating "bolt from the blue" lightning - lightning strikes occurring outside the area underneath a thunderstorm. Such rare strikes can occur up to 15 miles away from rain or storm clouds overhead. FULL STORY...
  2. AnonyJ

    Trees Burning Internally Long After Lightning Strikes Them

    Some excellent footage of a tree burning from inside, the whole length of the trunk, in the footage in the article.
  3. Comfortably Numb

    Lewis Stone Circle Has Star-Shaped Lightning Strike

    Lewis stone circle has star-shaped lightning strike Source: BBC News Online Date: 23 December, 2019 Evidence of a "massive" lightning strike has been found at the centre of a stone circle in the Western Isles. A single large strike, or many smaller ones on the same spot, left a star-shaped...
  4. EnolaGaia

    Megaflashes: Long-Distance / Long-Lasting Lightning Discharges

    With the proliferation of weather-monitoring satellite technologies researchers are better able to identify and quantify massive horizontal lightning discharges that can span areas hundreds of miles across (and spawn air-to-ground lightning strikes). Such region-spanning discharges may help...
  5. MrRING

    Get Struck By Lightning, Become A Violinist

    Boy Survives Lightning Strike Everyone has those defining moments that change lives forever. Some are pleasant and some are devastating, like the moment when lightning stuck 18-year-old Kyle Jones of Gwinnett County. The incident, which occurred eight years ago, should have taken his life, but...
  6. A

    New Types Of Lightning: Sprites, Jets, Elves, etc.

    New types of lightning (red sprites, blue jets, elves and sprite halos) I seem to remember all this fuss about the 'new' lightning being revealed around ten years ago! It was first seen by pilots in storms and I also distinctly remember seeing footage of it.Now all these reports are saying...
  7. Pinklefish

    Lightning Strikes Link is dead. No archived version found. Teammates gather around Colombian soccer player Hermam Gaviria, 32, after he was struck by lightning during practice in Cali, Colombia, 185 miles southwest of Bogota Thursday, Oct...