1. S

    Meteorites (Meteors That Landed / Impacted)

    Meteorite hits Girl Full story here wouldn't even a small stone falling from a great height have caused some damage?:confused:
  2. J

    'Meteorite' Lands and Burns on Israel Beach

    'Meteorite' burns on Israel beach video ... 154.stm?ls
  3. T

    Strange After-Effects From Handling A 'Meteorite'

    If I could I'd add in these photo's, but a friend came over with what I am told is a like a large metal fragment of "meteor" I held it in my hand for a short period of time (2 mins) and now have an imprint on my hand, which is slightly sore. The metal has a smell to it, weighs about 248.9...
  4. G

    Meteorite Makes Villagers Ill (Carancas, Peru; 2007)

    Source:,23599,22439164-2,00.html Later guys, I'm off to the outback, figure I'd best get a head start on the inevitable swarms of the undead.
  5. ramonmercado

    Meteorite smugglers anger scientists

  6. A

    I was Hit by a Meteorite!

    Well ... almost. I was standing at a bus stop last week when something clicked sharply on the plastic roof of a bus shelter. Everyone looked up, then down. A rock fell just next to my feet. Nobody stood up from the bench or was particularly interested to come and take a look, so I picked it up...
  7. A

    Meteors & Meteoric Fireballs (Observed Aloft)

    Has anyone seen a photo of this?