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  1. Paul_Exeter

    Army Rumour Service (ARRSE) - British Army Forum: Haunted Barracks

    This forum may have been mentioned before but it constantly being added to and well worth a browse: "My first home was an 17th Century cottage in the Underwood area of Plympton, one of the few buildings in that existed during thr 1832 cholera outbreak. When I was renovating it, I found old...
  2. Tempest63

    Military & Wartime Ghosts

    I have encountered a number of stories of ghosts encountered by the military whilst serving in Afghanistan and the account given below from https://languish.org/forums/index.php?topic=3300.0 (originally in the Times) is either one of those from a podcast I listened to or is very similar to one...
  3. Comfortably Numb

    The 18 Oct 1973, Mansfield, Ohio, 'Coyne' Helicopter Case

    Although I can't locate an existing thread, please obviously redirect as necessary. I wondered if my recent musings on this case, might be of interest and any feedback would be most welcome. In summary, although familiar with the background, I have never studied it in any great depth, until...
  4. Middlecoat

    A Visit To Gettysburg

    I've just come back from the US. Posted this on my Facebook page. Thought y'all would also enjoy it; make of it what you will. OK, so tonight we did a tour; always a jolly way to finish off a trip. At the end the guide told us the following story. A while back he was sitting in a bar when he...
  5. maximus otter

    Nasa Says Flash Over Kyiv Was Not Its Satellite

    A mysterious flash that lit up the skies over the Ukrainian capital Kyiv generated much speculation. Officials in Kyiv said they suspected it was a Nasa satellite falling to Earth but the US space agency told the BBC it was still in orbit. The Ukrainian air force suggested the flash might...
  6. 王泥喜法介

    A Story About The Earthquake In Tangshan And Mao Zedong

    This story is one of the most strange case in China. On the 28 July, 1976, a severe earthquake occurred in Tangshan. As this city was almost destroyed, more than one million people were waiting for help. To do this, armies around Tangshan were assembled to send food, medicine and other sources...
  7. maximus otter

    Chinese Satellite Gathering Intel For Pearl Harbor-Style Hypersonic Missile Attack Using Green Lasers, Claim Experts

    China used green lasers fired from satellites to gather intelligence for a surprise hypersonic missile attack on Hawaii, it has been warned. The satellite was recorded flashing lasers for a fraction of a second by a livestream camera attached to a telescope on top of a mountain on one of the...
  8. maximus otter

    Watch The Australian Army Use Telepathy To Control Robot Dogs

    The mere thought of controlling a robot is good enough for the Australian Army. In a new test, the land force has paired with a host of technology researchers to use telepathy to control robot dogs, part of a new wave of research aimed at eliminating the need for verbal or physically inputted...
  9. RaM

    UAPs Over North America (February 2023)

    The US are saying they have shot another object down over Alaska
  10. gattino

    Secret Fortean Weapons & Modern Wars

    I really couldn't think of a succinct title to encapsulate what i wanted to start a random ramble about. But in essence ..do the realities of international conflicts in the last 30 years effectively undermine claims of super secret (usually US) capabilities of a fortean nature? Even as...
  11. MrRING

    War Wagons Of The Old West

    I've seen a plot point in many an old flick or tv show, positing the creation of an armored wagon of some kind, from just armored to full on tanks. This image from 1967's The War Wagon gives you a good idea of what I'm taking about - steel covered wagons with slots for machine guns from the...
  12. maximus otter

    66 Years Ago, A B-25 Bomber Mysteriously Vanished In A Pennsylvania River

    More than 60 years ago, the Monongahela River pulled off a vanishing trick that sure makes Harry Houdini’s stunts look like child’s play. In January 1956, a U.S. Air Force B-25 bomber made an emergency landing in the river, which passes through Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania... then promptly...
  13. Mouldy13

    Harmful Poltergeists?

    Most of the reading I've done on Poltergeist phenomena would seem to suggest that they fall into Colin Wilson's definition of them as "entities of relatively low intelligence possessing the same sort of humour found in adolescent boys" (paraphrased from memory) So are there any instances of...
  14. Yithian

    Does Nigerian Juju Exist?

    Extracted from: The Wire: Corps Magazine of the Royal Signals Vol. 6 No. 1 - January 1952
  15. Yithian

    Another Mallory's Mysterious Mountain Death

    I dare say that we are all familiar with the stories surrounding George Mallory, the famous mountaineer and possible conquerer of Everest. If that is not the case, please acquaint yourselves here: https://forums.forteana.org/index.php?threads/mallory-first-to-conquer-everest.11049/ What I...
  16. definitelymaybe

    'Emily': Flying Saucers, Dead Aliens & The Military

    www.ufocasebook.com/2021/photographs-reports-from-former-airforce-worker-black-projects.html Reader Submits Father's UFO Experience with Photographs Hi www.ufocasebook.com, The information contained within this email and accompanying photography was given to me by my late father, I have no...
  17. Yithian

    Old Soldiers' Ghost Tales: Interviews From The IWM

    I've just been filtering through the vast repository of interviews that the Imperial War Museum has made available online. The following are a number of examples of references to ghosts and the supernatural--some are fleeting, others more involved. I have supplied a brief indication of what...
  18. Ermintruder


    Something that never fails to amaze me is the vast and frequently-contradictory designs of camouflage seen woven or printed into the uniforms of the world's armed forces. Whilst the logic in a leap from red to khaki is inarguably-sound, it seems there has been from then onwards an...
  19. Yithian

    Battle Of Ramree Island

    Not being an expert on Crocodiles - Saltwater or otherwise - I find myself wondering: a) Is there a likely upper figure for a community or is this wholly dependant on food availability? b) Do crocodiles save food for later? Would there be a point at which they'd simply stop killing available...
  20. ramonmercado

    Pablo Neruda: Poet's Body Exhumed In Murder Probe

    Hopefully we'll soon have an answer.
  21. ramonmercado

    DARPA Developments

    Great idea for an SF film. Vid at link.
  22. M

    The UFO At RAF Woodbridge In 1980 & Jimmy Carter's Sighting

    I saw an edition of Strange But True that discussed the Woodbridge sighting and I can't believe the extent of the cover-up - the authorities insisted the airmen were looking at a lighthouse six miles away - but they clearly described a flashing triangular light in the trees more or less right in...
  23. T

    Hidden Nazi Mine / Barracks?

    Hi all - Can anyone remember an article in FT fairly recently (past year or so) that described an area in Germany (barracks or mine) in a mountainous area, where at the closing months of the Second World War the SS took themselves and their families into the bowels of the mountain and blew the...
  24. A

    Test Flights Are Not UFOs

    Why do people in the ufo community find it difficult to accept that a certain percentage of ufo sightings are just military prototypes being put through their paces? Especially the flying triangles. These are becoming so common place in the sky it is only a matter of a couple years before...
  25. staticgirl

    Soldiers Holding Out / Refusing To Surrender After The War

    WW2 japanese soldiers found in jungle? http://www.guardian.co.uk/japan/story/0 ... 40,00.html
  26. Yithian

    The Hess Conspiracy (Featuring Ian Fleming & Aleister Crowley)

    I stumbled across a site that appears, upon first inspection, to construct a good narrative of the Hess flight drawing together many interesting threads and portraying him as the unwitting victim of British psychological warfare: http://www.members.aol.com/LeonardIngrams/index.html This...
  27. M

    The Manhattan Project

    Another thread reminded me, etc... When the first atom bomb was tested (ie exploded) in the New Mexican desert, the scientists involved in the project hadn't finished their calculations and were not entirely sure that it wouldn't cause a chain reaction in the atmosphere leading to the sudden...
  28. JamesWhitehead

    War Crime Science: Japan / WW2: Unit 731, Etc.

    The US Military was also said to have acquired a great deal of data on biological weapons from the infamous Japanese camp, where the POWs called Logs of Wood, were exposed to Typhus and routinely subjected to living autopsies. I've some details about this somewhere.
  29. A

    Animal Army (Animals Trained Or Exploited For Warfare)

    Here is a report on how the US Navy is using trained Sealions in the Gulf to spot potential saboteurs, then goes on to give other examples - Dolphins, kamikaze camels, bat bombs .etc. I remember the dead rat bombs reported in FT a few months ago, but are there any other good examples? And do...
  30. A

    U.S. Retains The Option Of A Nuclear Response

    US warns of nuclear response http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/americas/2564509.stm US warns of nuclear response The White House says no options have been ruled out Washington has said it is prepared to use nuclear weapons if necessary to respond to any attack with weapons of mass...
  31. rynner2

    Flight 19 (5 Avengers Disappear; 1945; Bermuda Triangle)

    Memorial Service for Bermuda Triangle Lost Patrol And this from National Geographic: a longish examination of the various possibilities. It also gives links to other Bermuda Triangle sites. The National Geographic link is dead. The article is archived at the Wayback Machine. Here is the...
  32. A

    The Philadelphia Experiment

    Has anyone heard of this story? I have no idea where to pos this message so I figure that I might as well put it up here since it deals with the U.S. Government. A few decades ago the U.S. Army was testing a new kind of stealth gear on ships by making the invisible. When they first tried it...
  33. M

    Nuclear-Era Civil Defence Measures In The UK

    http://www.cybertrn.demon.co.uk/atomic/index.htm A full transcript for those who haven't seen it before :D Full instructions of what do in a nuclear war situayion, as issued by the thatcher government, plus some other stuff. enjoy.
  34. A

    Afghan Earthquake - Bombing Link?

    http://www.guardian.co.uk/afghanistan/story/0,1284,661655,00.html There was a severe earthquake in Afghanistan in the last few days. This happened while the US were busy playing with shiny new toys in their attempts to deal with enemy forces dug in in caves...
  35. J

    Rendlesham Forest Incident

    The real Rendlesham story? http://www.magonia.demon.co.uk/news/reviews01.html This is from a review of Georgina Bruni's book 'You Can't Tell the People: the cover up of Britain's Roswell.' (Sigwick and Jackson, 2000.). It was written by Peter Rogerson and appeared in Magonia last year...