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  1. uair01

    The Sun & The Moon Doing Strange Things

    I could not find a suitable conspiracy thread. Also, this is an edge case, because it's not certain if this is real or just a joke. But we may see more theories in this vein, so I think a new thread is defensible. Oh no, the secret CIA plan to replace the Sun with lower-cost LED lightbulbs to...
  2. stu neville

    Exclusive! U.S. President: The Moon Is Part Of Mars

    Those who follow the Wotsit-In-Chief's Twitter feed may already be aware of this. Either it's the cutting-edge scientific scoop of the century, or he's off his meds again. "...Mars(of which the Moon is a part)..." I know this is fringing on the political, but it's my call in the end, and it's...
  3. harlequin2005

    Is The Moon An Artificial Structure? Claims & Theories

    This is something that has been hanging around for years and is just too strange not to share :) Spaceship 'Moon' Link is dead. Here's the text from the MIA webpage. Salvaged From The Wayback Machine...