mount everest

  1. EnolaGaia

    Highest Strangeness: Everest Excesses & Risks

    NOTE: This extended discussion has been moved from the "WTF" thread in Chat into its own thread. This photo (dated 22 May) completely blew my mind ... The notion of having to wait in a queue to stand on Everest's summit is surreal enough, but the idea this waiting probably contributed to two...
  2. A

    Mount Everest littered with Corpses

    Earlier this year I came across this article.. About a climber who came across an injured climber but was unable to carry someone down from 28000 ft. The following year he climbed again and the body was exactly where he had left...
  3. A

    Mallory: First To Conquer Everest?

    So, what do you FTers think? Did George Mallory conquer Everest decades before Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tensing, despite dying in the attempt? Were you convinced by the FT story?