1. K

    Jeremy Bentham's Mummified Corpse: The 'Auto-Icon'

    Jeremy Bentham's body was stuffed and displayed in a glass case. The head fell off during a thunderstorm and remains on the floor of the case.
  2. OneWingedBird

    Composite Mummies

    This is genuinely creepy, it's speculated that the composites might have been made up of related people, although since the mummy appears to have had some ritual use, I can't help thinking that perhaps they just replaced bits of it as they wore out over the years when a 'donor' became available...
  3. A

    A Latter Day Mummy - "The Legend of Spaghetti"

    To all: This is a bit late, but I thought it might be of interest. On August 7, CBS News broadcast a story in the Steve Hartman "Everybody Has A Story" section about a latter day mummy in the Midwest. The title was "The Legend of Spaghetti". If it's still available, it should be at...
  4. MrRING

    Little Mummified Dude ("Pedro"; The San Pedro Mountains Mummy)

    I've always found the story of this little mummified man to be interesting. Here is a link to a different from usual photo of him: Link is dead; website is MIA (having transferred to Facebook). But I was wondering - what is the...
  5. A

    South American Mummies (Peruvian; Inca; Pre-Inca; etc.)

    According to the BBC archaeologists have made a major find of mummified corpses in Peru (link here ): 'Archaeologists have discovered a collection of thousands of mummies in a shanty town close to the Peruvian capital Lima. They date from the last years of the Inca civilisation, around...