musical instruments

  1. T

    Less Common Musical Instruments: Can You Play Any?

    Just wondering if anyone can play anything other than the usual guitar, piano, violin and recorder et al. I can play the mandolin enough to bash out a three chord "Fields of Athenry", and I've been messing about on the guitar for years....but, does anyone know how to play the Ocarina for...
  2. ramonmercado

    Ancient Instruments & Music

    Another find in High Pasture cave.
  3. M

    Out Of Place Pianos and Other Large Musical Instruments

    I think this one's gonna take some beating for strangenes... Original Story
  4. OneWingedBird

    Odd Musical Instruments

    This page has really grabbed me, the sort of fascinating place where you can look at things that are not only weird and unusual but sound rather good too - and they have mp3s for most of the instruments. The Gallery of Odd Musical Instruments Some of the wackier entries there are: The...