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paedophiles & paedophilia

  1. Vardoger

    The Jeffrey Epstein & Ghislaine Maxwell Scandal

    Another link to a copy of list. Hard to tell who is clients and who is friends of him.
  2. Cochise

    Operation Yewtree & Other Historical Child-Abuse Allegations

    This thread has been extracted from the now closed Jimmy Savile threads, and is for discussion regarding the wider Yewtree investigation and trials. There is a dedicated Savile thread here. Stu. --------------- Quote is a comment on the DM article regarding the Cyril Smith allegations...
  3. G

    Owzabout That Then? The Jimmy Savile Revelations & Aftermath

    OK, so so far it's come out that Jimmel Fixit has abused kids all over the country, including the Haut de La Garenne childern's home in the Channel Islands. 60 possible victims since 1959, according to the latest as of posting. A friend of the Thatchers. A friend of Prince Charles. And...