personal ufo sightings

  1. S

    Earth Day – My Contact Experience

    Originally posted my 3 sightings on another forum on Sept. 6, 2010 Before I begin, immediately after I saw my first two sightings and after reporting them to nuforc and mufon, I started enhancing my descriptions of my experience by writing thoughts down to the best degree humanly possible...
  2. uair01

    My Personal Skywatch Statistics + Puzzle

    In 2005 I bought my first digital camera. Being a UFO fan I have been photographing the sky obsessively during this year. Now I'm evaluating my results and will bore you with the details. (The predictable reaction is: "Get a life", but I was sorting my pictures anyway ...) Of course I saw NO...
  3. L

    UFOs: Seen One? Personal UFO Sightings (IHTM; Miscellaneous)

    I did see a ufo once. My mum spotted it out of the bedroom window. I was lazing on the sofa watching the Heartbeat at the time (I recall it was around xmas, xmas eve I think, 9pm). My shouted me to say she could see something. I couldn't see it from downstairs so I went upstairs. When I looked...
  4. A

    UFOs And Mental Health

    :hello: hello everyone! i've posted here a couple times before, but it was probably a year or so ago. i was just wondering if anyone could help me find something. i'm pretty sure this topic has to have come up before, but i couldn't find anything on the forums in my quick search of them. if so...
  5. A

    The Loneliness Of The UFO Observer

    One evening, sound in body and mind, I was carrying out the rubbish when I glanced up and saw the stars going out. A shape appeared overhead, and then picked up the orange glow from the Shrewsbury streetlights. It was a UFO...massive, about the proportions of a box of Swan Vestas matches, or...