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    The Lost Civilisation Of Moche

    Interetsing Horison on BBC2 the other night: More info: ... mary.shtml What I thought was odd (and it may have been a storytelling flourish to highlight the differences between the theory) but they seemed to assume that after the civilisation...
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    Peruvian History & Archaeology

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    The Nazca Lines

    Thought you all maight find this of interest Further ancient america links:
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    South American Mummies (Peruvian; Inca; Pre-Inca; etc.)

    According to the BBC archaeologists have made a major find of mummified corpses in Peru (link here ): 'Archaeologists have discovered a collection of thousands of mummies in a shanty town close to the Peruvian capital Lima. They date from the last years of the Inca civilisation, around...