1. ramonmercado

    Exeter Woman Claims Time Travel; Solicits Companion (2015 Hoax)

    Any takers? Exeter woman claims to have built time machine in her garage and is searching Gumtree for a travel companion A woman from a village near Exeter has claimed to have built a fully-functioning time machine in her garage – and is now looking for a partner to share the journey with. In...
  2. rynner2

    Culture Jamming

    I lifted the following from a World Wide Words newsletter (see to subscribe). Does anyone have any good examples? " Turns of Phrase: Culture jamming ------------------------------------------------------------------- It has long been common for opposing groups...
  3. G

    Hoaxes & Pranks

    Absolutely Hideous and Disturbing "Prank-Gone-Wrong&quo THREE CLEARED OVER 'JOKE' EMAIL TO KNIFE HORROR FATHER "Three workers have been cleared of forgery after sending joke emails about a fake business trip to a rival. The man later had a mental breakdown and stabbed his 12-year-old...